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What is curriculum redesign?
Why have a workshop about assessment, evaluation, and curriculum redesign?
What is the range of assessments and evaluations that students and teachers face?
How does focusing on assessment, evaluation, and curriculum redesign differ from the traditional approach?
Another perspective

Why have a workshop about assessment, evaluation, and curriculum redesign?

Dr. Morey Menacker, a teacher at Bergen Academy in Hackensack, New Jersey, evaluates his students based on individual effort rather than the project's final appearance.

Assessment in education is a complicated issue today. There is a large debate about the tools that we use to measure student learning. Traditional schooling has focused almost entirely on standardized testing, particularly multiple-choice and other closed-ended questions. This remains the dominant approach to student evaluation today.

However, there are other ways to assess students' progress and learning. Many of the ideas presented in this workshop are based on the work of education specialists who believe that the traditional approach to testing doesn't reflect the full range of student learning. There is also a lot of current discussion about asssessment that focuses on creating curricula that are integrated throughout a child's education. In many places around the country, these ideas are being successfully implemented.

Standardized testing still has such a powerful influence on our school culture, and may to a great degree determine what teachers teach and what students learn in the classroom. We need, therefore, to find ways to bring these methods together in the classroom and the school. We will explore the theoretical foundations behind designing student assessments and alternative methods of evaluation in this workshop.

A solid understanding of assessment, evaluation, and curriculum redesign can lead to better student learning. Schools, teachers, and parents need to focus on students' achieving true understanding and real learning -- so they develop abilities, skills, and conceptual frameworks that will prepare them for productive and successful lives.

This workshop focuses on how teachers can align and redesign their curricula, based on the work of Heidi Hayes Jacobs, to best assess and support student learning. We also look at the implications this redesign has for student evaluations, and how it fits into larger public attempts to assess and evaluate students' progress.


Workshop: Assessment, Evaluation, and Curriculum Redesign
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