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What are some simple ways to get started using assessment, evaluation, and curriculum redesign?
What are some of the conceptual tools for assessment, evaluation and curriculum redesign?
What are some challenges I might face?
How can assessment, evaluation, and curriculum redesign involve parents and the community?
How can technology be used with assessment, evaluation, and curriculum redesign?

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Jane Morton, a teacher at Ardmore Elementary School n Bellevue, Washington, uses journals as a guide in assessing her students, as well as her own teaching methods.

What are some challenges I might face?

You will be challenged in several areas.

Your role as a teacher will change:

  • You will have to reexamine all that you have done. You may find yourself jettisoning what you thought were important aspects of your teaching.

  • You will have to connect the skills and content matter you teach more directly to the assessment instruments and evaluation measures you use.

  • How can you connect what students are able to demonstrate to national and state standards? It will be in your classroom that students succeed or fail to perceive that their education has relevance and importance to "real life."

  • You will need much more time for curriculum planning than you currently use.
Your students' roles will change:

  • They must come to understand the difference between getting an "A" and working to achieve high-quality work.

  • They will participate in setting assessment in new and productive ways.

There will be institutional challenges:

  • Schools and school systems will need not only to articulate what and how well students are learning in their communities but also to manage curricular and instructional changes needed for meeting standards.

  • Administrators will have to resist pressuring teachers to teach to the test. They face the challenge of recognizing and supporting solid, assessment-focused teaching.

  • Paradoxically, administrators will have to cope with the competition arising from the tendency to compare and rank schools on assessment scores.

Workshop: Assessment, Evaluation, and Curriculum Redesign
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