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Hawthorne Campus YMCA Community Collaboration for Educational Enrichment


During the 1992 school year, the YMCA of San Antonio and the Hill Country established a community partnership with the San Antonio Independent School District to coordinate collaborations with corporations, neighborhood businesses, universities, human service agencies, churches, teachers, and families. Thus the Hawthorne Campus YMCA Community Collaboration for Educational Enrichment (CCEE) was born. The focus of the partnership was to provide programs to enrich the care and education of children during and after the school day.

A YMCA program director, aides, support staff, college interns, parents and volunteers staff the program. The CCEE program strives to be a model in which the school becomes the focal point of the community, reflecting the community's values and answering its needs. The YMCA provides opportunities for parental involvement, which leads to parental education; provides real-life experiences as part of the school curriculum during and after school; and provides a place where students can obtain additional support and nurturing which strengthens them and their family.


The objectives of the CCEE program include:

1. provide enrichment activities during and after the school day
2. help curtail the number of students who drop out of school
3. reduce the number of students involved in negative behavior
4. improve attendance
5. improve academic success

Program Components:

1. Experience Behind the Eyes - Curricular enhancement program
2. Mentoring - provides one-on-one time for students with adults
3. Youth Fitness - provides extra curricular activities
4. Outdoor Education - provides trips to the YMCA resident camp
5. School Age Child Care - provides afterschool care for working parents
6. Intersession and Summer Camps - provides enrichment activities during school breaks
7. Family Involvement - provides opportunities for parents to participate
8. Community Events - provides activities that bring the community together

Program Highlight: Experience Behind the Eyes example

During the 1993 school year, the YMCA established the Experience Behind the Eyes (EBE) program to provide quality curricular experiences during and after the school day. The YMCA staff members at the school work with the classroom teachers to plan field trips and experiences, which enhance the classroom curriculum.

All experiences are integrated into the curriculum in order to enhance the knowledge students bring to the classroom. The YMCA and school staff believe that the students' understanding of language concepts are based on experiential background. Extended experiences which are integrated into the curriculum and occur during and beyond the school day improve the language development of the students and support student achievement of instructional goals.

Following are examples of different experiences which were developed and implemented by the YMCA and the 2nd grade classroom teachers. Experiences took place in the classroom and during the YMCA's afterschool program. The YMCA staff worked closely with the classroom teachers to ensure that the classroom curriculum was extended into the afterschool program.

Similar activities were developed and implemented with all grade levels within the school.

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