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Child Care Event: October 4th, 2008
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Child Care Event
A day of celebration and recognition
On October 4th, 2008 Thirteen/WNET in partnership with the program A Place of Our Own/Los Niños en Su Casa brought together 50 of the New York area's finest child care providers for a day of celebration and recognition. After a long process of cultivating nominations from the community, vetting the nominations and visiting the most compelling child care providers in all five boroughs, Thirteen/WNET was to happy to select six truly outstanding Recognized Child Care Providers of New York. One of these child care providers will have the unique opportunity to invite a crew from A Place of Our Own/Los Niños en Su Casa into their child care to demonstrate their true excellence in their field. Each child care provider is unique in their excellence. Congratulations to all nominees and especially the six Recognized Child Care Providers of New York below!

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Join us as we give you a rundown of the childcare event of the year!.

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Ruth Caballero has been a child care provider for more than 40 years. Her day care features a warm and inviting homelike environment. In her living room, Ms. Caballero has a box of costumes that she uses to play dress up with the children, giving them a chance to become firefighters and doctors. Her wide selection of children’s books features bilingual and multiracial books that teach children both language and diversity. Ms. Caballero uses a large variety of high quality educational games, tools, and puzzles that help children learn to spell, write and read simple words by the time they leave her care.
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Altagracia Gaton has been a child care provider in West Harlem for over 22 years. Ms. Gaton is a very warm and caring person who bonds with the children in a positive way. Ms. Gaton provides her children with a stimulating environment using great teaching tools. She develops relationships with parents to help them maximize positive growth and development. And we know those relationships last - one of her current parents was once in her care and brings her son in from New Jersey just to receive the great care and compassion Ms. Gaton offers.
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Ms. Gettys has been a child care provider for 12 years. She uses early intervention strategies to help children with special needs. With a positive attitude and a sense of humor, she prepares children for the public school system by encouraging creativity through puzzles. You can find Ms. Gettys and her children at Macy’s visiting Santa Claus around Christmas time, or at shows such as “Sesame Street On Ice”. In her neighborhood, you can often see her at the park, where she is known as “the lady with the kids”. Aside from attending trainings and workshops, Ms. Gettys is also an advocate for child care provider unions and benefits. She has participated in events on the steps of City Hall and is a Borough Group Leader for the United Federation of Teachers. She has even been featured in a New York Times article.
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Ms. Nevels has been a child care provider for eleven years. Ms. Nevels is devoted to education. Her educational curriculum for children has caught the attention of the Staten Island Academy, which has given full scholarships to four children she cared for. Ms. Nevels organizes fundraisers, graduations, and field trips, and produces yearbooks and DVDs for the children under her care. Ms. Nevels also strives to reach out to parents through conferences and by holding fun events such as a fashion show, a talk by a nutritionist, and comedy routines. Through these efforts and through dialogic reading, short homework assignments, and creating science projects with the children, Ms. Nevels goes above and beyond her call of duty.
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Ms. Valerio has been a child care provider since 2004. With the help of her mother, Ms. Valerio runs Denny’s Day Care. Denny’s Day Care has a comforting and nurturing environment in which Ms. Valerio helps children develop independence, explore hobbies, and learn good eating habits. She uses an organized file system to keep track of her children’s medical records, progress, and other important documents. She meets with parents on a regular basis and suggests ways to encourage learning at home. Ms. Valerio loves to sing with the kids and often puts on a chicken hat to entertain them. You can find out more about Denny’s Day Care on the website Ms. Valerio designed for it or simply look for her and her group of kids, who always love to wear their bright yellow Denny’s Day Care t-shirts.
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Ms. White has been a child care provider for more than ten years. Her day care features a dynamic educational atmosphere for the children, using crafts, activities, and toys to stimulate their learning. She provides the children with bicycles, cots to sleep on, healthy food, and even a day care library that lets them check out books. Ms. White takes the children on many field trips each year, to Sesame Place and apple orchards. For the parents, she has created a parents’ corner that features her own parents’ handbook, “how to” sheets on vaccines, and other helpful materials. She also produces DVDs and yearly concerts to entertain the parents and involve them in their children’s day care. Ms. White also strives to create a community among child care providers by organizing meetings and field trips with other providers. Having received her Child Development Associate National Credential (CDA), Ms. White also helps other providers in the program complete the course.
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About the Contest:

Last year, Thirteen held the 2nd Annual Recognized Child Care Provider Super Saturday event to honor nominated outstanding child care providers in Thirteen's viewing area. From July to September, we received many nominations for extraordinary childcare providers. From a large group of nominations, we were able to select these outstanding child care providers as Thirteen's recognized Child Care Providers of New York. All finalists will be recommended to the television program, A Place of Our Own, and one truly outstanding provider will be selected to be featured on the program.

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