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THE SUN ALSO RISES: Words y Palabras et Mots
Palabras - Words in Spanish
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Muerto (202)

Muletas (215)

Muy buenos (244)
Very good

Muy borracho! (179)
Very drunk!

Nada (161)

Paseo (154)
A stroll or walk

Pelota (97)
Ball. In the novel, it is a playground or literally a ball court.

Pesetas (101)
Spanish currency

Picador (165)
Horseman in bullfight who jabs the bull with a lance to protect the bullfighter or weaken the tossing muscles of the bull

¿Por ustedes? (132)
For you? (The proper way to say it is ¿Para ustedes?)

Posada (111)
An inn

Rioja alta (249)
A type of wine, from La Rioja, Spain

Señor (226)
Man, gentlemen

Si, señorito (208)
Yes, young gentleman.

Sobrepuertos (165)
In a bullfighting arena, these are the with wooden backs

Sol y sombra (138)
Sun and shade

Torero (167)

Vaya (195)

Vengo Jueves Cohn (132)
I come Thursday, Cohn

Aficionado (136)

Aguardiente (112)
Brandy, liquor

Amontillado (186)
Amontillado is a type of preparation for brandy that is typical of Montilla, a town in Andalusia, Spain

Anis del Mono (162)
A Catalan anise-flavored liqueur made in varying degrees of sweetnes. Marie Brizard anisette and Anis del mono are considered to be the finest of their kind

Anis del Toro (154)
An alcoholic drink that is dark in color and tastes like licorice. The name is Spanish for "The Bull's Anise"

Arriba (110)

Arriero (111)
A mule driver

Arrobas (179)

Banderillos (216)
Decorated darts that are thrust into neck or shoulder of bull

Barrera (153)
Barricade, barrier (used in bullfights to protect those in ring)

Buen hombre (137)
A good man

Chica (244)
Girl, maid, or servant

Cogido (201)

Page numbers: THE SUN ALSO RISES, Scribner, 1926
Callejon (215)
Alley, passage

Consigne (235)

Cornada (201)
To butt or gore

Corrida de toros (177)
Bullfight (literally it means bull run)

Don Manuel Orquito, the pirotecnico of esta ciudad (183)
Mr. Manuel Orquito the fireworks specialist of this city.

Encierro (201)
Locking the bull into the bull pen

Fondas (244)
Inn, tavern

Globos illuminados (183)
Illuminated balloons (in the novel, they refer to fireworks).

Jerez (157)

Jota (168)
Folk music and dance from various regions of Spain

Lidia (177)
Fight, struggle (bullfight)

Limpia botas? (177)
Do you clean boots?

Malagueno (178)
A person or product of Malaga, which is a southern region of Spain

Mucha suerte (167)
Good luck

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