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THE SUN ALSO RISES: Words y Palabras et Mots
Mots - Words in French
Luxembourg Gardens

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Quelqu'un, quelqu'une (59)
Someone, someone

Rue du Faubourg Montmartre (239)
Name of a street in a bohemian area of Paris

Sommelier (45)
A waiter in charge of wines

Sportif (240)
Sporty, athletic

Table d'hote meal (94)
A fixed-price, multiple-course meal

Terrasse (240)

Tour du pays basque (239)
Tour of the Basque region

Tres, tres gentille (59)
Very, very nice (kind)

Tromper (62)
To cheat on, deceive

Veuve Cliquot (63)
The name of a fine brand of Champagne, literally, "Widow Cliquot"

Vieux marc (237)
Type of after-dinner drink made from distilled grapes

Aperitif (21)
Pre-dinner drink

Bal Musette (27)
A dance hall in France, playing a type of accordion-accompanied music very popular in France from 1945-1960

Bateau Mouche (83)
Riverboat for sightseeing

Brioche (43)
A lightly sweet bread

C'est entendu, Monsieur (31)
"Understood, sir"

Chateaux (93)

Chope de Negre (241)
A Parisian cafe

Cocher (24)

Comment? (91)
What? (How's that?)

Connais pas (26)
Don't know as in, "I don't know her"

Course de Taureaux (177)

Dites garcon, un pernod (22)
"Say, waiter, a Pernod" (Pernod is an anise-flavored liquor.)

Page numbers: THE SUN ALSO RISES, Scribner, 1926
Fines (14)
Liqueurs (especially brandy)

Fiacre (23)
A horse-drawn carriage

Fine a l'eau (28)
Cognac and water

Hors d'oeuvres (45)

Kiosque (236)

La France Sportive (240)
Sporty France

Nouvelle Revue Francaise (44)
French literary magazine

Paname (240)
Paris (familiar term)

Pelouse (60)
Grass racing track

Poules (22)
Hens (literally), slang for prostitutes

Pesage (60)
Paddock (where horse owners congregate)

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