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About the Project: AM Novel Summer
MY ANTONIA and THE SUN ALSO RISES book cover PRAIRIE TO PARIS: Exploring the Worlds of MY ÀNTONIA and THE SUN ALSO RISES is a Web-based educational outreach initiative, developed as a companion to the award-winning public television series AMERICAN MASTERS. The site is designed to enhance student understanding of classroom or at-home reading of Willa Cather's MY ÀNTONIA or Ernest Hemingway's THE SUN ALSO RISES.

Through a variety of online, multimedia activities designed by students for students, visitors to the site will develop an understanding of the novels -- including their settings, themes, and characters -- as well as the authors, whose life experiences shaped them.

Utilizing the images, information, and sounds presented in the AMERICAN MASTERS films WILLA CATHER: THE ROAD IS ALL and ERNEST HEMINGWAY: RIVERS TO THE SEA, site users can explore the worlds of the two novels through timelines, essays, interactive film trailers, maps of real and fictive locations, and biographical information on the authors.

The Creation Process
During the summer of 2005, Thirteen/WNET, the flagship public television station in New York City, contracted with thirty high school students from across the nation to complete a variety of assignments related to Willa Cather's MY ANTONIA or Ernest Hemingway's THE SUN ALSO RISES. Each student advisor was asked to read one of the two novels, keep a detailed journal of their reading experience, view the related AMERICAN MASTERS film, and make recommendations for Web-based interactive features and tools that would inform high school students' reading of the texts. Based on the recommendations of these students, an Advisory Board of educators, researchers, and technology integration experts developed a schematic for a multimedia Web site.

PRAIRIE TO PARIS: EXPLORING THE WORLDS OF MY ÀNTONIA AND THE SUN ALSO RISES is designed to support student reading, appreciation, and understanding of these two novels and their authors.

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