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Editorial Guidelines
Students' Take publishes student Web projects! If you would like to submit a project, write to Thirteen/WNET New York at Then, if your project is selected, simply follow our editorial and technical guidelines, fill out our release forms, and we'll publish your work!

The following list contains guidelines concerning the content of your "Students' Take" project:

1. Students involved in the project must belong to an afterschool group.

2. The project must involve a group, not just a single student.

3. The students and group leader are responsible for the finalized copy of the project. Since this will represent your organization, it is a good idea to review spelling, grammar, etc.

4. We can not publish any profanity.

5. Students need to be careful about the images, copy, or other content that they use on their site. If students choose to use any content that they did not create themselves, then students must obtain permission for use on their site. We also encourage students to properly cite all sources of content created by others, whether it is copyrighted or not.

6. If the owner of any content that appears in a Students' Take project believes that his or her content was used improperly, please contact us immediately.

Visit the following Web sites for useful information on citing resources and "fair use":

MidLink Magazine: How to Cite Your Sources

The Copyright Website: Fair Use

Most importantly, in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, the project must not contain any personal information about the children working on the project. The law defines personal information in this way:

PERSONAL INFORMATION -- The term 'personal information' means individually, identifiable information about an individual, including --

A. a first and last name;

B. a home or other physical address;

C. an e-mail address;

D. a telephone number;

E. a Social Security number; or

F. any other information that would facilitate or enable the physical or online locating and contacting of a specific individual, including information that is associated with an identifier described in this paragraph in such manner as to become identifiable to a specific individual.

This means that we can publish pictures of students, but not pictures and names together.
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