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Student's Take

A Bloody Delight
Project Description: Students from ASPIRA of New York share their artistic perspectives on vampire bats and the mythological creature from Puerto Rico, the Chupacabra.

Monitoring Scientific Progress
Project Description: Join these 9th grade students from the School of the Future in their exploration of scientific progress in the field of hydrology. See how these students applied this concept in their exploration of New York City's water system.

New Frontiers in Science and Space Technology
Project Description: In this Students' Take project, members of the Harriman Boys' Club of New York examine some of the benefits of research conducted in space. See what they have to say about innovations in space technology as they explore these new frontiers.

The Environment: Are People its Worst Nightmare?
Project Description: The Harriman Boys' Club put together an exciting multimedia project about how the environment impacts endangered animal populations.

Air Pollution
Project Description: Members of the Boys' Club did research, interviews, and artwork on air pollution. The boys explored both human and natural causes of air pollution, and provided information on their program through text, video, and drawing.

Generation Tobacco
Project Description: Students grades 8-12 from
HarlemLive produced this piece on teen smoking.

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