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About Students' Take

Photos from "Art of the Poetry Slam" and "Our Journey as Chinese Americans"

Students' Take provides a place for students to speak out on issues affecting their lives.

Students' Take publishes original Web pieces created by students from afterschool programs, often including interviews, video, articles, graphics, interactive features, and more. It enables kids to learn about new topics and - at the same time - to learn about Web production. To complete the projects, students must communicate effectively, collaborate with others, meet deadlines, work with Thirteen/WNET New York as their publisher, and so on. Students' Take has been publishing the work of students from underserved communities since January 2000.

We are always impressed by the sincerity, thoughtfulness, and candor of Students' Take projects. It's so important to know what students really think -- that's why we publish these projects just as we receive them. But, for that reason, the ideas and opinions showcased in "Students' Take" do not necessarily represent the views of Thirteen/WNET New York. This also means that we ask students to take responsibility for securing rights and properly citing the source of any images or other content on the site. It is a valuable lesson in Web publishing, and Students' Take affords kids a real-life opportunity in the Web publishing world.

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About Students' Take

Photos from "Who Am I?"