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Past Events
October 2002: Science

On October 28, 2002, afterschool staff from the Metropolitan New York area attended a day-long event at Thirteen/ WNET. They learned about fun science activities and powerful teaching strategies for incorporating them. Plus, they built fun projects of their own -- just take a look at the photos below! Broadcasts and sites included in the workshops included:

  • WILD TV -- a show about baby animals

  • BACKYARD JUNGLE -- a Web site that helps kids explore the natural world around them

  • WHAT'S UP IN THE ENVIRONMENT? -- a teen-focused project that shows kids how to get environmentally active

  • ZOOM -- a show that gets young kids active in educational projects

  • PLASTIC FORK DIARIES -- a project that follows middle-school students and their developing relationship to food

Take a look at the event by clicking on the images below -- and if you see a familiar face, add a caption!

Other Events  

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