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Science Activities

Water Where You Want It
Age range: 10-13
Learning skills: environmental science, experimentation, collaboration, listening and speaking
Activity description: Middle school youth take a personal water use audit to see how much water they use. The also simulate different methods of irrigation and measure the efficiency of water use for each.

ZOOM Day Extravaganza!
Age range: 6-10
Learning Skills: literacy, math, and science inquiry skills
Activity Description: Ideal for summer day camp programs, in this activity children engage in an array of zany activities that teach them to take an active approach to learning.

Trail of the Cougar
Age range: 9-12
Learning skills: science, geography, reading, visual arts
Activity description: Kids can learn all about cougars by watching a video, surfing the Internet, and creating projects of their own.

Whales: Giants of the Deep
Age range: 9-12
Learning skills: geography, science, art
Activity description: Whales are big fun. In this activity, kids learn all about them and then use paper and glue to sculpt their own whales.

Backyard Jungle/Creature Feature
Age range: all
Learning skills: environmental science, zoology
Activity description: Get outside, find icky critters, and then learn all about them!
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Fuel Cells
Age range: 11-14
Learning skills: engineering, environmental science
Activity description: In this middle school-level activity, kids make fuel cells using water, pennies and a few sticks. Believe it or not!

Drops on a Penny
Age range: 6-10
Learning skills: prediction, experimentation, measurement
Activity description: In this fun activity, kids get to predict how much water they can drip on different size coins -- and then test their theories. It's fun for the little squirts.
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Plastic Fork Diaries
Age range: all
Learning skills: measurement, nutrition
Activity description: In this series of activities, kids get to play with interactive games in order to learn about food production, nutrition labels, calorie requirements and more.
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