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Healthy Lifestyle Activities

Taking a Closer Look at Dating Violence
Age range: 14-18
Learning skills: problem solving, listening and speaking skills
Activity description: Teens learn to identify common characteristics of dating violence and increase their understanding of barriers to leaving a violent relationship, thereby gaining empathy for rather than blaming the victim.

Relationship Respect
Age range: 14-18
Learning skills: analysis and evaluation, listening and speaking skills
Activity description: Teens learn to identify the characteristics of a healthy relationship, define the term "right" and how rights apply in dating/romantic relationships, and affirm the importance of communicating expectations of behavior to dating/relationship partners.

Healthy Eating, Healthy Living
Age range: 7-9
Learning skills: listening and speaking skills, food and nutrition, exercise
Activity description: Kids learn about healthy eating and exercise by watching video clips and engaging in interactive, hands-on activities.

Finding Peaceful Solutions
Age range: 10-13
Learning skills: vocabulary, conflict resolution, listening and speaking skills, collaboration and cooperation
Activity description: Kids use video, role play and discussion to learn how to resolve conflicts without violence.

Battling Bullies
Age range: 8-11
Learning skills: problem solving, role-playing, collaboration and cooperation
Activity description: Kids learn how to deal with bullies by watching a video and relating it to their own experiences. Then, they work in groups to create and act out stories about bullying.

Asthma Poster Campaign
Asthma Poster Campaign
Age range: 8-11
Learning skills: literacy, math, media literacy, collaboration and cooperation, speaking skills
Activity description: In this activity, kids learn about asthma then create posters as part of an asthma awareness campaign.

Dealing With Teasing and Bullying
Age range: 10-12
Learning skills: literacy, problem solving, cooperation and collaboration
Activity description: Fifth and sixth graders develop strategies for dealing with teasing and bullying and compile them into a handbook they can share with others in their program.

Plastic Fork Diaries
Age range: all
Learning skills: measurement, nutrition
Activity description: In this series of activities, kids get to play with interactive games in order to learn about food production, nutrition labels, calorie requirements and more.
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