Adult Ed
 Pearls of Wisdom
 by Sunita Bhargaua
My name is Merline Smith, and I am happy to be one of the lucky, former students of Region 4 -Thirteen/WNET New York's GED on TV program.

My encounter with Region 4 began when I needed to reenter the job market. I had to consider the type of career that would involve less typing, so I chose to work in the field of Human Services. I started out in Ms. Fresco's class, which was held at a community center (but that site closed). Ms. Fresco then invited me to continue doing the program with her through Thirteen's GED on TV Tutorial.

Having accepted the invitation, I was given tutors who helped me in my weakest subject - math. The tutors helped me, and after my second shot at the GED test (of course, having failed the first time because of -- you guessed it -- math), I passed. When everyone at Thirteen/WNET New York made such a fuss about my passing, I realized the importance of getting that diploma.

Since obtaining my GED in April 1993, I worked at City College, and now I am working as an administrative assistant in a battered woman's shelter. When I was interviewed for this job, I was told that I had to handle the petty cash. I told them that I was better at writing, and that I was not good at math. The senior social worker was designated to handle the petty cash instead of me, but she could not do her paperwork in an acceptable way; so it was thrust on me. Oh! I can't tell you what a confidence booster this has been in the way of math, even after the disaster of doing my first accounting. My petty cash was off $16.00, which I repaid. I vowed then that this would never happen to me again.

Today, I have my own brand of bookkeeping, which works very well for me. Based on my life experiences, I would say to you that everything in the way of learning is worth a try. Now I try to figure out the 30-40% off price tags when I see those tempting sales signs. Math is no longer something to be feared. Just remember that some things in life take much longer to be acquired, and that goes for your GED, too. So, please, be inspired and make learning fun. Have goals, think GED.