Adult Ed
Anticipation Guide

What do you know about fairy tales? Read the statements below. If you agree with a statement, write "true" next to it. If you do not agree, write "false."

  1. Young women and young men are equally active in fairy tales.

  2. Fairy tales are stories that were written long ago.

  3. Many fairy tales contain images of violence and death.

  4. All fairy tales contain good characters and bad characters.

  5. Magic in fairy tales always changes people's lives.

  6. Women get rewarded for obedience and patience in fairy tales, and men get rewarded for bravery, skill, and cunning.

  7. There is always a task to be done or a problem to be solved.

  8. Fairy tales tell about events that took place in the past, in far-away places.

  9. Fairy tales end with a solution, a reward, and a punishment.

  10. Fairy tales were written to be read by children.