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Check It Out

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This self-directed lesson will review the check writing process while building mental-math skills and providing insight into careers and real-life contexts. Various Web sites will be used to create a realistic view of independent adult living--it really is an eye opener.

Grade level: GED

Subject Matter: Math, Family & Consumer Science (ABLE)

Learning Objectives:

Learners will be able to:
  • describe the various processes common in personal banking
  • create a budget based on their own projected lifestyle choices

Standard 3: Health, Physical Education, & Family and Consumer Sciences - Commencement Level
Students will understand the basics of an individual/family budget and plan to obtain/use and protect money and assets
Standard 3: Math, Science and Technology - Intermediate Level
Students will become mathematically confident by communicating and reasoning mathematically, by applying mathematics in real-world settings, and by solving problems through the integrated study of number systems, geometry, algebra, data analysis, probability and trigonometry.

Media components:

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy: Reality Check
This site allows users to gain an entirely new perspective on what they will need to make in the working-world in order to maintain a specific lifestyle. It also provides information about what kinds of educational requirements will be necessary to secure their required income.

Where Your Paycheck Goes
Users get to see how quickly money flows-that is why they call it currency! Right? After completing a series of activities, users will determine their expenses and income. Spanish and Chinese versions of the site are accessible by clicking on specific tabs at the top of the webpage.

Keeping Track with a Check Register
Users get the chance to practice balancing a checkbook before attempting to balance their own. A separate document (BALANCING A CHECKBOOK) has been created from the information on this page for this lesson.

Practical Money Skills for Life: Banking Tutor
This interactive site provides tutorials related to most of the financial data consumers find useful in everyday life; it covers everything from deposit slips to credit reports! The site's user-friendly format allows users to rollover specific fields on the webpage to get more details about each banking concept.

  • Calculator
  • Scrap paper