Adult Ed
Ancient Civilizations



This lesson helps students identify and evaluate the institutions, values, and mores of different ancient civilizations. Students examine how these things relate to the criteria of greatness and power. The activities engage students in in-depth study of one ancient civilization through reading, writing, research, and oral presentation.


IMPROVING READING by Jerry L. Johns and Susan Davis Lenski (Kendall Hunt, 1997); THE ROMAN EMPIRE by Don Nardo (Lucent Books, 1994); THE CELTS: CONQUERORS OF ANCIENT EUROPE by Christiane Elvere (Harry N. Abrams, 1992); THE COLUMBIA HISTORY OF THE WORLD edited by John A. Garraty and Peter Gay (Harper & Row, 1987); newsprint.


Students will:
  • Develop a working definition of civilization through the identification of key categories.
  • Study, research, and report on selected aspects of one civilization.
  • Read text critically and use selected text passages as evidence to support or refute a point of view.
  • Learn about descriptive and rhetorical structures.
  • Practice writing summary paragraphs, full-length papers, and comparison/ contrast essays.
  • Practice oral presentation.