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Azýcar means sugar in Spanish. Latino culture is a "sweet" part of the American experience. The notion that life lived to its fullest is filled with sabor (Spanish for flavor) is the basis of this lesson. This lesson honors the Latino community as part of Thirteen/WNET's annual celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Use this lesson to tour Hispanic culture, online! Get a taste of the "sweet life" up close and personal without ever leaving your home or classroom environment. But, just in case the rhythm moves you, get out and enjoy all that your community has to offer during this wonderful celebration of rich culture, rich traditions and rich life.

Level: ESL (Intermediate)

Subject Matter: Social Studies

Learning Objectives:

Student will be able to:
  • develop listening skills

  • develop research skills

  • be able to identify frequently used sight words

  • develop writing skills

New York State Education Department - Office of Bilingual Education

Standard 3-English for critical analysis and evaluation:
  • Students learning English as a second language will use English to express their opinions and judgments on experiences, messages, ideas, information and issues from a variety of perspectives by developing and presenting clear interpretations, analyses and evaluations of issues, ideas, texts and experiences, supporting positions with well developed arguments.

Standard 4-English for social and classroom interaction
  • Students learning English as a second language will use English to interact with others in social and classroom situations describing, reading about, participating in or recommending a favorite activity, book, song or other interest to various audiences.
Media components:

U.S. Holiday Observations
This web-based list of holidays observed in the United States is a great resource for planning a year of multicultural observances. Organized by seasons, this list includes all the holidays recognized in the United States, secular and religious.

°Azucar!: The Life & Music of Celia Cruz
This interactive site, created by the Smithsonian Institute, allows students to learn more about the life, music and style of legendary Salsa singer Celia Cruz. Visitors to this online exhibition will gain insight into Ms. Cruz's humble beginnings and her fascinating life as a world-renowned entertainer.

America's Story: Cesar Chavez
This site encourages students to learn more about Chavez by exploring his life work and his commitment to the cause of Mexican workers.

Revealing Personal Identity: The Indigenous Vision of Manuel Carrillo
This collection of photographic art captures the cultural and historical memory of the indigenous peoples living in post-revolution Mexico, as interpreted by the photographer Manuel Carrillo. Rich with visual and linguistic imagery, this site will certainly become a favorite.

Each September, Thirteen recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month with CANTOS LATINOS]. Featuring documentaries, films and performance programs, this festival underscores the diversity of Latinos and the significance of their many contributions to American culture. Be sure to check the Thirteen TV broadcast schedule ( or your local PBS listings all year round for specials highlighting Latino culture and history.

El Museo del Barrio
New York City's only Latino museum dedicated to Puerto Rican, Caribbean and Latin American art, El Museo retains its strong community roots as a place of cultural pride and self-discovery, yet projects itself nationally through exciting exhibitions and programs.

New York City Map Resources
New York City Subway Map or New York City Sightseeing Map
Use these two sites to map out trips to various cultural event venues from the school or students' homes. More advanced students (students who have advanced proficiency in reading English) can be expected to use the Subway Map ( ). Beginner and intermediate students can use the tourist version of the Sightseeing map (


  • Index cards or sheets of paper for notes
  • Cardboard squares (3)
  • Glue
  • New York City subway map

Handouts Prep for Teachers
  • Make copies of handouts for students.

  • Load Flash player plug-in.