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Introductory Activities
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Introductory Activities

Activity #1: Scan newspaper classified advertisements to determine what kinds of careers are currently available in your area job market. If newspaper hardcopies are not available, log onto an online version of the classified section (example Identify three different ads that you would be likely to respond to or would like to respond to assuming you have all of the credentials required for hiring.

Activity #2: Determine characteristics of their selected career/job
Log onto Salary wizard at Select a general job category from the drop down menu and enter your zip code (or one for an area where you would like to know more about the employment market). Select a more specific job title and "Read the job description". Write down the minimum requirements for the job on an index card. View the basic report to gather more information about the job being researched. Repeat the process for the remaining two jobs identified as prospects in Activity #1.

Activity #3: Build a résumé outline using an index card. Gather personal data about yourself on an index card by responding to the following prompts. Use the RÉSUMÉ OUTLINE HANDOUT to guide you.

index card

Combine the responses to Statements 1 & 2. These two statements will comprise the main ideas of your objectives. An objective is an infinitive statement-a statement that begins with the word "to". Develop your objective by changing the answers to your question to a short clause that begins with "to".
Statement 1: Where do you "see" yourself 5 years from now?
Statement 2: What do you want to be doing 10 years from now?

Sample combined response: I see myself as a graduate from XYZ University with a MBA degree in finance. In ten years I want to be the primary lending officer of a major banking company and owner of my own consulting firm.

Objectives: To obtain an MBA in Finance; to secure a leadership role with a major banking company; to develop and lead a private finance consulting firm
Learning Activities

Activity #1
Use Résumé Wizard to build your document; it is designed to help you develop a sound résumé that is well organized and easy to read. Review the RÉSUMÉ WIZARD STEP-BY-STEP handout to guide you through this feature of the Microsoft Word software. List only work experiences related to your job prospect and/or within the last ten years. If you are bi- or multi-lingual, list your languages. Multilingual candidates possess an important skill for a global market. If you possess a special license (Commercial Driver, Teaching, Real Estate), list it as a skill or a special credential. Unless indicated in the job description, it is not necessary to list references on a résumé.

NOTE: If you don't have Microsoft Word software, no problem! There are many FREE web-based resume building programs that will allow you to create a professional resume that is functional and searchable! Registration is required for these services but you may find their tips very helpful in for job searches and workforce development-related courses. Log onto HotJobs!.com or or to begin the process. Use the dialogue and radio boxes to fill in information. Notice that much of the information requested, is the same information recorded on your index card. The web-based program will generate a resume that can be printed or emailed directly from their server.

Activity #2
Edit your resume after reviewing a hard copy of it. The worst mistake a job candidate can make is to have typographical errors on his/her résumé. Errors are harder to catch during the typing process (or on-screen). Microsoft Word's "auto correct" feature will pick up on some but not all errors in a document. Read the résumé critically for errors, correct them; print out another copy and ask a partner to read it too. If your résumé is longer than 2 pages, adjust your spacing, font type and size or delete sections that are more for interview conversation than function-hobbies, activities, interests.

Culminating Activity

Activity #1
Most job hunts culminate in at least two parts-the application process and the interview process. After downloading and printing the sample job application, take 5-10 minutes to fill out the form. Try to complete the application within the 10-minute timeframe. Write legibly in block letters in blue or black ink. Ask a partner to review the form.

Activity #2
Interview your partner using the mock interview questions available online at (Part 2). Stage the mock interview similar to an actual formal interview by positioning one partner behind a computer desk while the second partner is on the other side responding to the questions. The listening partner, the partner behind the desk, is the interviewer; he/she can read the questions directly from the screen.

There are six levels of questions on the website. Depending on comfort level, progress through the list of questions from level 1 through level 6 asking at least two questions from each level. Have partners rate each other on the quality of responses, timing and research using the MOCK INTERVIEW RATING SHEET.


Cross-Curricular Extensions

  • Using Microsoft Word, create a cover letter and business card using the same style chosen to develop your resume. To use the cover letter template that is a part of the resume wizard, select "Create a cover letter" on the dialogue box BEFORE editing the resume generated by the wizard. Replace inappropriate descriptions or text with text relevant to your job description and or job title inquiry. To create business cards, use the Mailing label wizard or under the tools drop-down menu, select "letters and mailings, "envelopes and labels". Under the Labels tab, type the text in the address window. Under "Options" choose business card and new document. You will be ready to print a full page of business cards. Make sure that the format is one that you like by challenging yourself to add pictures or auto shapes to provide style that complements the style of your resume and cover letter.
    envelope screen snapshot
  • Complete a career inventory program and/or personality profile survey to determine what type of job would be a good match for you.
  • Watch the ITV Workplace Essential Skills program to gain more tips and perspectives on the job application process. Episodes 103 - 105 are aligned to this lesson in 27 minute episodes. If you missed an ITV episode or series and would like to see it air again, just email We will try to accommodate your requests.