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Résumé Rights



The task of finding a job in a competitive market is a daunting one that often finds job seekers discouraged and disconnected from their dreams of gainful employment. A common mistake among qualified candidates is a weak resume that is blasé, too long or too general for any human resources executive or business owner to quickly determine how a job seeker's skills and profile match the requirements of a vacancy. This lesson will help learners build a practical resume using Microsoft Word Résumé Wizard. Hints useful for avoiding "résumé wrongs" will help learners develop the right résumé for their job hunting needs.

Target Level
  • Adult
Subject Matter
  • Workforce Development

Learning objectives:

Standard 1 - Career Development
Students will be knowledgeable about the world of work, explore career options, and relate personal skills, aptitudes, and abilities to future career decisions.

Media Components
Salary wizard of
Job interview answers: Part 2
Microsoft Word or HotJobs! Resume Manager Workplace Essential Skills (ITV broadcast)
  • Episode 103: Applying for jobs-Understanding and using application forms and processes
  • Episode 104: Resumes, Tests and Choices-Writing effective résumés and preparing for employment tests
  • Episode 105: Interviewing-How to prepare for the job interview

Sample job application -

Résumé outline
Résumé wizard step-by-step
Mock interview rating sheet
Index cards, four per student

Prep for teachers
Bookmark the sites.
Collect newspaper samples of classified pages
Download/print the Sample job application from
Make copies of handouts