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Short "E" Searching



One of the greatest hurdles in the race to learn how to read is the skill of short vowel sound recognition. The "fancy, schmancy" name for this skill is phonetics but to the every day learner, the task may be daunting. Just as our sense of smell and taste are linked, our ability to read and be fully literate is linked to our ability to hear the sounds letters make both individually and when blended. This lesson uses resources from the PBS show, Between the Lions to help identify the sound "e" in words that are written, read and sung.

Target Level
  • Adult Basic
Subject Matter
  • Language Arts

Learning objectives:

LANGUAGE for Information and Understanding
Students will read, write, listen, and speak for information and understanding - As listeners and readers, students will collect data, facts, and ideas; discover relationships, concepts, and generalizations; and use knowledge generated from oral, written, and electronically produced texts.


Between the Lions, "Red Hat, Green Hat" video

Online episode resources
This companion website provides resources for program usage in the classroom.

1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters
This site offers a collection of international tongue twisters in more than forty different languages.

ESL Pizzaz
This site is the inspiration for the introductory activities in this lesson. Print handouts directly from the website to use with this lesson or as a stand-alone activity for ESL students.

Chicken stackers
These printouts from the companion website for the Between the Lions program make great handouts for classroom instruction or where ever Internet access is limited. Each vowel has an "easy" and a "hard" list for differentiated instruction methods.

Teacher handouts:
Es in Red hat, green hat
Fuzzy Lion Ears word lists

Prep for teachers
Cue tape of Between the Lions
Download appropriate plug-ins or make copies of printable versions
  • Shockwave/flash player
  • Quicktime or Real player
Prepare wooden cube to become a vowel dice