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Growth patterns are amazing to observe. Many people can remember ruler-like charts hung by doting parents. Others might recall lessons in science using tree bark or fish scales as natural resources useful for studying growth trends. But what happens if upon every cycle of growth, the amount of matter doubles? This lesson will explore this phenomenon as a method of predicting trends.

Subject Matter

  • Math

Learning objectives:

Students will be able to:
  • Use data to predict rate of change trends.

  • Use data to predict rate of change trends.


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics,

In grades 9-12 all students should analyze change in various contexts by approximating and interpreting rates of change from graphical and numerical data
New York State Standard,

MST Standard 1: Scientific Inquiry (Commencement level) Students will use various means of representing and organizing observations (e.g., diagrams, tables, charts, graphs, equations, matrices) and insightfully interpret the organized data


Media Components

Video: Cyberchase episode "Double trouble"

Cyberchase companion Web site: "Double the donuts" game

Population growth line chart

Chart generated as part of a lesson on population growth.


Prep for Teachers

  • Cue tape.
  • Photocopy handouts.
  • Load required plug-ins. (Flash/Shockwave player and Adobe Acrobat reader)