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Use the new Internet Library for Adult Learners



Using the Internet for research can be overwhelming. There is so much information. It’s hard to know what is reliable and what is not. With, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Sites of interest for everyone, but especially an Adult Literacy/ESOL population, have been reviewed by librarians and adult educators. Sites on have a balance of accessibility, reliability, relevance, and general high quality. The lessons in this unit help familiarize students with a valuable resource as they improve their researching, writing, and computer skills.

(The Westchester County Library System, with the help of Brooklyn, New York, and Queens Borough Public Libraries—created

Subject Matter

  • Internet, computer skills, researching, critical thinking, reading critically, writing, life skills.

Learning objectives:

Students will be able to:
  • Use the Internet to answer life skills questions
  • Use an online dictionary
  • Evaluate Web sites
  • Fill in online forms
  • Write about Web sites


National Standards:
National Reporting System of Adult Education standards are applicable here. These are the standards required by the 1998 Workforce Investment Act. See
for details.


Media Components

This whole unit is about media. Your students have to have some access to the Internet for this unit to work. is the gateway, leading you and your students to many other great Web sites.


Nothing much is needed here. Students do their research on the Internet. The writing they have to do can be done on the computer on with pens or pencils, and paper.

Prep for Teachers

Review on your own. Don’t use these lessons unless you think will be valuable to your students.

Also, make sure you check all the Web resources suggested here before trying to use them with students. Web sites change. Even though gets undated frequently, links can stop working at any moment.

As always, it is suggested that teachers give the activities a try before bringing them to your class. Doing to activities helps teachers understand what students are going through, and often allows for anticipating potential snags and challenges the students may encounter.

This unit assumes some very basic computer competencies. Students should need to know how to move and click the mouse. They need to know what a “menu” is. They need to know how to use the “back” button. They need to know how to “enter.” If your students don’t have that knowledge, go to “Find help about using here” to bring them up to speed. This section of the site provides some very good information about the Internet and how to use it. Even if your students have some knowledge of the Internet. They might find this section helpful.