Adult Ed
Job Interviews



These lesson plans offer some new approaches to some tried-and true job-readiness basics: identify your strengths, figure out what to expect at a job interview, prepare so you can show off your strengths, and practice. Tips for job seekers are included.


Nothing Special: Paper, pens, pencils, note cards if you want them, and a chalkboard.

Internet Resources:
There are many Internet resources to help job seekers. Here are some internet sites that offer interview tips and practice:

TV and Video Resources:
Workplace Essential Skills is a video series all about workplace skills. It airs on Thirteen/WNET on Fridays, beginning March 9 - May 25, 2001 at 4:30 AM (two per week) or go to for schedules, video clips, online lessons, and more information. For 6 - 8th grade readers.


Students will:
  • Practice interview skills.
  • Practice speaking skills.
  • Practice writing skills.
  • Practice giving specific examples.