Adult Ed
Values Clarification



Good teachers spend a lot of time trying to make lessons meaningful, important, and relevant to their students’ lives. If students can relate to the lessons, they will be more engaged, work harder, remember more, and be more likely to use their new skills outside of the classroom, where it really counts. The following lesson about students’ values is one example of such a lesson.

This lesson asks the question directly: “What is important to you?” This lesson asks students to use reading, writing, talking, and listening to explain and clarify what is important to them. In these lessons, students clarify their values as they reflect and communicate.


A blackboard or flip chart, 3 x 5 index cards, larger index cards.


Students will:
  • Brainstorm.
  • Prioritize.
  • Use many pre-writing strategies.
  • Support an assertion.
  • Use essay writing skills including organization, comparison, and revision.