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Youth Media Resources from CTCNet

Don't miss this comprehensive collection of guides, templates, publications, and project samples from the Community Technology Centers Network (CTCNet). From audio and video to digital art and blogs, it's all here.

A step-by-step guide to creating Web sites, webTeacher is the perfect place to start for those who know nothing about building a Web page. It covers literally everything one would want to know.

webmonkey: The Web Developer's Resource
A comprehensive site, webmonkey has resources for beginning Web builders as well as tools for more advanced users.

Lissa Explains it All -- HTML Help Just for Kids
Colorful and easy to navigate, Lissa Explains it All is built to help kids learn HTML and build their own Web pages.

Creative Commons
Find photos, music, text, and other works that you can use without having to pay or ask permission.

Ourmedia provides free storage and free bandwidth for videos, audio files, photos, text or software.

Interviewing Mom and Grandma: Oral History Tips
With advice on how to best conduct an interview and links to other genealogy sites, is a good place to start for those who want to begin their research with Grandma.

Tips for Recording Oral Histories
A page from, this link makes sure you get your oral history recorded as well as possible -- the first time.

YouthLearn offers youth development professionals and educators comprehensive services and resources for using technology to create exciting learning environments. The site is full of interesting ideas and useful information -- we encourage you to click through and take a look. The pages below, from their projects and activities section, will be particularly useful in creating your projects.

The Multimedia Project: Project-Based Learning with Multimedia
The PBL+MM project offers a structured yet flexible framework for planning and implementing project-based learning with multimedia.

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Oral History Overview
Scroll halfway down the page for a "Brief Guide to Developing Student Oral History Projects."

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Oral History Resources

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