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Previews begin October 2007. Premieres January 2008.

Artificial Retina: Uncut Interview with Linda Morfoot

Linda Morfoot is the recipient of an Artificial Retina. At age 21, Linda was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. Over the next 30 years, her eyesight slowly degenerated from the edges inward. Her right eye was completely blind for ten years, and she had only the slightest light perception remaining in her left eye.

Then she received the 16-electrode Artificial Retina implant, and everything changed.

In this Web Exclusive video, Linda discusses what it’s like to be able to see again after so many years of darkness. She talks about how important sight is in everyday situations — like going to the grocery store with her husband or following the action of her grandchildren’s hockey games — when most of us take our sight for granted.

But it also took time for Linda to adjust to her implant. She tells of the strategies she has learned to help her understand the flashing lights of the electrode array.

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