The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs is committed to promoting the well being of immigrants in New York City and integrating them into the fabric of our city. It is why I was pleased to partner with WNET to celebrate our community’s diversity. By providing stimulating and provocative programming on-air and online as well as providing tools for educators that bring its compelling content to life in the classroom and at home, WNET celebrates the excellence our city has to offer and demonstrates its commitment to local citizens.

Together, the NYC’s Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and WNET developed the Community Stories campaign, which highlights the rich cultural heritage of ordinary New Yorkers. I hope you enjoy hearing the stories of your neighbors as much as I did when I interviewed them at the Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center.

Fatima Shama


Stories are the lifeblood of WNET. Look at the lineup in any given month on our stations THIRTEEN, WLIW21 and NJTV, and you will find stories about science, history, the arts, and politics. Our underlying responsibility as a public media provider is to educate. But there is no better way to educate than by telling stories that engage, enlighten and yes, even entertain our wide audience.

The immigrant story is deeply intertwined with our community, and what better way to tell that story than through the experiences of New Yorkers who came to this city and made it their own. The result is a series of short videos telling the deeply moving stories of New Yorkers whose roots lie far from our shores.

We are deeply grateful to Commissioner Fatima Shama and the New York City Office of Immigrant Affairs for connecting us with these wonderful story tellers and for providing such a wide range of support for our city’s diverse population.

I encourage you to watch the videos on the site, or look for them on air. I’m sure you’ll come away with a deeper appreciation of your fellow New Yorkers.

Neal Shapiro
President and CEO