Brooklyn Community Board #4 – February 19, 2020

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Public Hearing Items

1) Ramon Pebenito, Office of New York State Senator Julia Salazar – Providing an update on Foundation Aid, the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, and information about a call to action for an upcoming rally. (0:08:20)

2) Tanjila Rahman, Director of Community Affairs, NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection – presenting on free tax prep. (0:18:18)

3) Lousette Saint Victor, Shop Healthy Community Coordinator, DOHMH Center for Health Equity, Systems Partnership – presenting on the shop healthy program. – NA

Regular Meeting Agenda

First Roll Call (0:46:24)

Acceptance Of The Agenda (0:48:31)

Acceptance Of Previous Meeting Minutes (0:48:48)

Chairperson’s Report – Mr. Robert Camacho (0:49:25)

Introduction Of Elected Officials (Representatives) (1:04:40)

Introduction Of Agency Representatives (1:06:42)

83rd Precinct Commanding Officer – D.I. Daniel Dooley

District Manager’s Report – Ms. Celeste Leon (1:10:42)

Committee Reports (1:21:40)

Recommendations (1:50:24)

Old Business (1:52:44)

New Business (1:57:52)

Announcements (1.5 Minutes) (2:00:38)

Second Roll Call (2:12:40)