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Learn more about Brooklyn and its history by visiting the Web sites below. All links are valid as of August 7, 2000.

General Brooklyn Sites
Brooklyn Organizations and Institutions
Brooklyn Neighborhood Sites

General Brooklyn Sites:

The Brooklyn Historical Society

    The Society is a fabulous resource for learning about Brooklyn. With walking tours, museum exhibits, a library of images and books, and educational programs, this site is a must-see for anyone interested in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Online

    This page includes a large collection of Brooklyn resources, including News, People, Businesses, Conversation, Photos, History, and Chats.

1010 President Street: A Brooklyn Home Page


    The homepage of Brooklyn Borough President Howard Golden, who offers news and facts about his favorite borough.

The About Brooklyn Homepage

LI Gateway to a Century

Old Stone House

    The importance of the one-time Dutch farmhouse to the history of Brooklyn and the United States is featured on this site.

Barry Lewis - Architectural Historian

    The home page of Barry Lewis, who co-hosts A WALK AROUND BROOKLYN. Learn about Barry's role as an architectural historian and author.

Brooklyn Organizations and Institutions:

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

    The Chamber of Commerce's official Web site presents links to all of its business members, and provides information on current events in Brooklyn.

BRIC/ Brooklyn Information and Culture

    BRIC is dedicated to informing the public about all Brooklyn has to offer, including special events, places of interest, and Web links.

Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Academy of Music

    The official Web site of BAM includes information on performances and special events.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

    The Garden's homepage offers virtual tours, information, and online resources.

Prospect Park Online

Brooklyn Museum of Art

    This museum is one of New York's finest, and its site contains information on current and permanent exhibits, plus an online store.

Wildlife Conservation Society: New York Aquarium

Pratt Institute

The Green-Wood Cemetery

MTA New York Transit Museum

Brooklyn Neighborhood Sites:

Coney Island History Site

Coney Island USA

Waterfront Week

Bedford-Stuyvesant Arts and Culture Coalition

Brighton Neighborhood Association

East Brooklyn Online

    The Local Development Corporation of East New York created this site as part of their goal to improve their neighborhood.