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Tour of Brooklyn
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Thirteen crosses a river and finds the world in A WALK AROUND BROOKLYN (PART 1) WITH DAVID HARTMAN AND HISTORIAN BARRY LEWIS, premiering Monday, August 7 at 8pm. (Click here for additional broadcast dates and times.)

It's synonymous with cheesecake, the Dodgers, hot dogs, and a bridge. It's been called "Manhattan's bedroom," "a great city masquerading as a county," and "the borough that speaks with an accent." And with residents from more than 150 nations, it's the most diverse city in America.

So it's no wonder that when David Hartman and Barry Lewis set out across the East River to make the latest episode in their series of video walking tours of New York communities for Thirteen -- a follow-up to their acclaimed specials on Harlem, 42nd Street, and Broadway -- they found not one Brooklyn, but a vast patchwork of neighborhoods steeped in 400 years of history. A WALK AROUND BROOKLYN (PART 1) WITH DAVID HARTMAN AND HISTORIAN BARRY LEWIS explores that vibrant microcosm of the world -- a city-within-a-city that's giant in size and abuzz with the energy of some 2.3 million people who call it home. A production of Thirteen/WNET New York in association with The Brooklyn Historical Society, the two-hour special premieres Monday, August 7 at 8pm on Thirteen.