Roadkill: What the Critics Say

Christina Knight | November 3, 2020

A “superbly understated performance,” by Hugh Laurie and a reminder of “enduring truths,” are among critics’ praises of the new Masterpiece series.

Beecham House. The British Drama Set in India

June 4, 2020

An Englishman arrives in Delhi in 1795 with all the appearances of a rugged individualist, but the former soldier for the East India Company is determined to reunite his family, and even has an infant in tow.

Pocket Guide to Northern Ireland: Words of Wisdom

Christina Knight | May 18, 2020

Words of wisdom for G.I.’s in Northern Ireland, provided by the U.S. Government. “In America we ask, ‘Where do you come from?’ In Ulster they ask, ‘What church do you belong to?’ If the question is put to you, tell the truth and then change the subject.”

Characters We Love in Press

Christina Knight | October 4, 2019

The series’ emotional pull comes from its characters, most of whom seem to accept loneliness as the price for their work ethic and drive. And no one can get their job done without some give and take.

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