What to Watch on THIRTEEN Passport in May

April 26, 2017

Nature: Spy in the Wild episode 5

Nature’s Spy in the Wild: Meet the Spies (episode 5) shows the painstaking work that goes into building the lifelike models and how the team deploys and operates the robotic cameras on location all over the world.

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What Not to Expect in Passport

At right, Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean, Smash) and Zoe Boyle (Downton Abbey) star in Masterpiece: Breathless, along with (at left) Oliver Chris and Catherine Steadman. The three-episode series from 2014 is in Passport.

At right, Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean, Smash) and Zoe Boyle (Downton Abbey) star in Masterpiece: Breathless, along side (at left) Oliver Chris (Sharpe’s Challenge) and Catherine Steadman (Downton Abbey). The three-episode series from 2014 is in Passport.

Now in its fourth season, Call the Midwife is at the top of PBS broadcast ratings and video plays, but unlike its Call the Midwife Holiday Special, the episodes will not be entering Passport. It’s not the kind of news we like to deliver, but we do want THIRTEEN Passport members to know they can tune in for the Sunday night Call the Midwife broadcasts at 8pm, or watch episodes online within two weeks of the broadcast dates.

Sharing the same theme of women’s healthcare, pregnancy, and birth control, is the Masterpiece series Breathless (2014), which is in Passport. Like in the new season of Call the Midwife, London at the dawn of the 1960s is the era of Breathless, but the medical scene is a busy hospital gynecology ward, led by a male chief surgeon, and the mood reflects more the ambition of Mad Men than the charity of Midwife. This darker drama deals with the tensions of the sexual revolution and abortion. The three-episode series is available to Passport members.

New in Passport

Masterpiece – To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters
Follow the Brontë sisters in the eventful three-year period that saw them rise from ordinary, unmarried women, taking care of the household and their widowed father, to the secret authors of the world’s most sensational literature.

Masterpiece – Wolf Hall
We are currently re-airing this 2016 Peabody Award and Golden Globe winner for Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television, and all episodes are available in Passport. Thomas Cromwell, played by Mark Rylance, is a blacksmith’s son who rises from the ashes of personal disaster to deftly pick his way through King Henry VIII’s court, where “man is wolf to man.”

Nature: Spy in the Wild
In the most innovative production Nature has ever presented, this five-part series employs more than 30 animatronic spy cameras disguised as animals to secretly record behavior in the wild. These “spycams” reveal animals as having emotions and behavior similar to humans.

Africa’s Great Civilizations
In his six-hour series, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. takes a new look at the history of Africa, from the birth of humankind to the dawn of the 20th century. This is a breathtaking and personal journey through two hundred thousand years of history, from the origins, on the African continent, of art, writing and civilization itself, through the millennia in which Africa and Africans shaped not only shaped their own rich civilizations, but also the wider world.

Dead Reckoning | The General’s Ghost
The film begins with vengeance: U.S. General Douglas MacArthur’s 1945 military trial of Japan’s General Tomoyuki Yamashita for horrific atrocities in the Philippines. Despite the lack of any evidence that Yamashita ordered or even knew about the atrocities, he was condemned to death, raising the question: Are commanders responsible for crimes their troops commit?

American Masters – Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning
Her photograph Migrant Mother is one of the most recognized and arresting images in the world, a portrait that came to represent America’s Great Depression. Yet few know the story, struggles and profound body of work of the woman who created the portrait: Dorothea Lange. Directed and narrated by Lange’s granddaughter Dyanna Taylor.

Expiring Soon

Secrets of the Dead: Caveman Cold Case
A tomb of 49,000 year-old Neanderthal bones discovered in El Sidron, a remote, mountainous region of Northern Spain, leads to a compelling investigation to solve a double mystery: How did this group of Neanderthals die?

Antiques Roadshow: Seattle Hour 2 and Hour 3
Featuring the Space Needle and World’s Fair posters in Hour 2 and Northwest Coast Indian masks in Hour 3.

Nature: The Private Life of Deer
A century ago, there were less than a million deer in North America. Today, there are nearly 30 million. The Private Life of Deer looks at how the wild whitetailed deer interact with one another, and how they adapt to living in a suburban environment.