What to Watch on THIRTEEN Passport in April

March 23, 2017


THIRTEEN Passport is the member benefit that provides you with extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming. Featuring both PBS and select local programming, THIRTEEN Passport allows you to watch even more episodes of your favorite shows, including full seasons of many current and past series. To browse Passport videos and access FAQs, see our THIRTEEN Passport page.

New to Passport

Nature | Spy in the Wild: Bad Behavior
In episode 4 of Nature’s Spy in the Wild miniseries (see preview, above), spy creatures infiltrate the underground world of animal mischief, crime, and retribution. Spy Monkey is caught between crossfires as real monkeys fight over beach bar alcohol. Spy Egret is also a waterhole victim when elephants t start the mud-slinging.
Available March 23 – Expires 2/22/2018

American Masters – Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise
Distinctly referred to as “a redwood tree, with deep roots in American culture,” Dr. Maya Angelou led a prolific life. She inspired generations with lyrical modern African-American thought that pushed boundaries. Best known for her autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, she gave people the freedom to think about their history in a way they never had before.
Available starting March 21

Masterpiece | Victoria Young England Episode 7 (Finale)
On the verge of delivering her first child, Victoria spurns advice and ventures among her subjects, attracting the devoted and demented alike. Miss Skerrett and Francatelli reach their decisive moment.
Available Starting March 20 – 3/4/2024

Mercy Street | House of Bondage Episode 6 (Finale)
After Antietam, the Greens suffer a setback and Pinkerton’s inquiry heats up. Foster and Samuel visit Foster’s family plantation, where they intervene in a difficult labor. The hospital staff unites to oust their hated chief. In Boston, Mary’s condition worsens.
Available starting March 20 – Expires 3/5/2027

City in the Sky | Arrival
There are around a million people who are airborne at any one time. But what goes up must come down – and getting passengers safely back to earth depends on complex global networks and some astonishing technology.
Available March 23 – Expires 6/5/2024

Most Popular

Jane Austen’s gentle parody of gothic fiction, Northanger Abbey, joins the reign of British dramas. Viewers are also re-visiting Masterpiece: Wolf Hall before the repeat of Season 1 in April, and Masterpiece: Home Fires, in advance of its brand new season premiering on Sunday, April 2.
Masterpiece | Victoria, Season 1: Doll 123 (Episode 1)
Masterpiece | Sherlock, Season 4: The Final Problem (Episode 3)
Great Performances | Hamilton’s America
Mercy Street | Season 2 | Ep 1: Balm in Gilead
Secrets of the Six Wives | Ep 1 | Divorced
Masterpiece | Poldark, Season 2: Episode 1
Northanger Abbey
Masterpiece: Downton Abbey
Masterpiece | Wolf Hall: Episode 1
Masterpiece | Home Fires: Episode 1

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From THIRTEEN’s Digital Archives

In the Reckoning, Part 2 (episode 8) of Colonial House, the colonists are evaluated by team of historians.

In the Reckoning, Part 2 (episode 8) of Colonial House, the colonists are evaluated by team of historians.

THIRTEEN has started digitizing its broadcast archives, allowing THIRTEEN members to enjoy the programs online for the first time. Watch modern folk challenge themselves to live like colonists and homesteaders in Colonial House and Frontier House. The struggle for civil rights and integration are the subject of the 15-part series The Dynamics of Desegregation and the films Losing Just the Same and Louisiana Diary, all filmed in the early to mid-1960s.