What Innovative Teachers Really Think About Challenges

May 4, 2022

collage of teachers head shots. A love letter to our fellow teachers in text.

The first week in May is Teacher Appreciation Week, an opportunity to celebrate and honor educators for the incredible work they do all year round. The last two years have been uniquely challenging for teachers, filled with both tremendous difficulties and inspiring discoveries. To show gratitude for teachers on both a local and national scale, The WNET Group worked closely with the WNET PBS Digital Innovators (a local community of PreK – 12 educators selected for their bold and innovative teaching) to amplify teachers’ voices, honor their work, and celebrate the teaching profession. 

  • Catch the Digital Innovators (DIs) on WNET’s broadcast channels and New Jersey network! All month, these educators will be highlighted on local stations Thirteen, WLIW, and the NJ PBS network. You can also see these minute-long videos on social media by following THIRTEEN on  Instagram and Twitter.

  • Listen to four of the bold WNET PBS Digital Innovators as they share personal stories and reactions to the many challenges they face as educators today. They are guests on the WNET UP NEXT podcast this week. Hannah Dawe and Kristina Kirtley of The WNET Group’s Kids & Media Education Department also appear on the episode to speak with Tom Stewart (you’ll recognize his voice from on-air announcements) about how the local Digital Innovator program began. 
  • Get to know the Digital Innovators one-on-one with their series of “selfie” videos on YouTube. These short videos, produced by the DIs, spotlight their discoveries, inspirations, and what they wish for when it comes to education.
  • Read “A Love Letter to Our Fellow Educators,” a funny and knowing ode to teachers, co-authored by the WNET PBS Digital Innovators. It expresses admiration, acknowledgment, and affirmation to fellow teachers everywhere.
  • Check out quotes from our own DIs and other educators from across the country on PBS Teachers social media platforms: Instagram: @pbs.teachers and Twitter: @pbsteachers 


The WNET Group is proud to collaborate with educators and honor their work all year round. This week, we invite our local communities to join us in celebrating their passion, their commitment, and their tireless efforts to the teaching profession.  

Learn more about The WNET Group’s education work at wnet.org/education.