Watch: Victoria Sip N’ Chat, Episode 4 Recap

February 13, 2017

Recap Victoria Episode 4: An Ordinary Woman

Courtship at court leads to second thoughts and other complications. Will Victoria and Albert take the fateful step into matrimony? And will the queen promise “to obey” her foreign prince? Marti and Deborah discussed episode 4 with joy on the same day Queen Elizabeth II — Victoria’s great-great-granddaughter — celebrated 65 years on British throne with a Sapphire Jubilee. Watch all episodes and read Debbie’s recaps of Victoria here.

On Mondays at 12:30pm, THIRTEEN goes live on Facebook to recap the Sunday night broadcast of Masterpiece: Victoria, a seven-episode series about Victoria, Queen of England. Marti Gould Cummings — performer, comedian, host and Royal fan — and Deborah Gilbert — British TV Maven and contributor to The British Telly Dish — pour tea and share the dish in this Victoria Episode 2 Recap. Tune in Mondays at (look for video at top of the page as soon as we go live at 12:30pm).

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