What to Watch on Passport in June

Christina Knight | May 25, 2017

An exciting episode of Antiques Roadshow, Virginia Beach, VA.

Here’s the latest news: we have instructions on how to pair THIRTEEN Passport on your ROKU device, and as of this week, you can watch all our content and THIRTEEN Passport programs on the new THIRTEEN Explore for Amazon’s Fire TV! THIRTEEN Passport allows you to watch even more episodes of your favorite shows, including full seasons of many current and past series. To browse Passport videos and access FAQs, see our THIRTEEN Passport page.

New in Passport

American Experience: The Great War

A fitting program to watch this Memorial Day holiday weekend is this three-part series on World War I, which raged from July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918. The war included the deadliest battle in American history that left more than 53,000 men dead on the battlefield and more than 60,000 dead from disease. Drawing on the latest scholarship, including unpublished diaries, memoirs and letters, The Great War tells the rich and complex story of World War I through the voices of nurses, journalists, aviators and the American troops who came to be known as “doughboys.” The series explores the experiences of African-American and Latino soldiers, suffragists, Native-American “code talkers” and others whose participation in the war to “make the world safe for democracy” has been largely forgotten.

The Great War: Part 1
American neutrality is eroded by reports of German atrocities and submarine attacks, leading Wilson to proclaim that “the world must be made safe for democracy.”

The Great War: Part 2
As patriotism sweeps the nation—stifling free speech and dissent—a diverse group of men become the country’s first mass conscripted army.

The Great War: Part 3
As the war ends, America is forever transformed by the violent and bloody conflict. And while many herald the peace, others worry about democracy at home.

Antiques Roadshow

If holiday and spring weekends on your calendar mean combing yard sales for treasures, here’s a series that does the driving for you. The latest Antiques Roadshow destinations in THIRTEEN Passport are Virginia Beach (see clip, above) and Utah, and Palms Springs (how did Archie Bunker’s coat end up there?).

Secrets of the Dead: Leonardo, The Man Who Saved Science

Leonardo da Vinci is well known for his inventions as well as his art. But, new evidence shows that many of his ideas were realized long before he sketched them out. Was he a copycat? Find out on the full episode.

Binge Watch Appetizer

The Great British Baking Show

Relive the trials and tribulations of amateur bakers before Paul and Mary return for Season 4 of The Great British Baking Show on Sunday, June 18 at 4pm.

Newly Digitized from the Archives

There are countless THIRTEEN productions that were never streamed online — they premiered before the age of the Internet or before streaming was part and parcel of the viewing experience. To best serve our THIRTEEN members, we are digitizing content from our archives to add to THIRTEEN Passport. Here are a few of the programs that are available for the first time online, exclusively for THIRTEEN members. The focus is on travel and heritage.


Alaska the New Frontier: Old Alaska

“The Old Alaska – How Alaska Began” was part of a six-part series, Alaska: New Frontier (1960), that explored the then newly admitted 49th State of the Union (Alaska was proclaimed a state on January 3, 1959). This episode shows how the discovery of gold was largely responsible for the first expansion of the territory’s population.

National Parks: New Yorkers’ Memories

The local documentary National Parks: New Yorkers’ Memories focuses on the inspiring stories of New Yorkers whose lives were changed after visiting one of the nation’s national parks. In the clip above, native New Yorker Justin Yu recalls his hiking trip to Yosemite National Park, an ecosystem featured on NATURE this month; NATURE: Yosemite is available in Passport.

Ethnic New York

Scene from Ethnic New York: Desi: South Asians in New York.

Ethnic New York is a six-part series by THIRTEEN that originally aired from 1999 through 2002. Meet esteemed advocates, artists and business people in each of these documentaries that focus on ethnic heritage.

Ethnic New York: Nuyoricans: Puerto Ricans in New York

Sunday, June 11 is the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City.

Ethnic New York: Dominican-American Spirit

The Dominican Day Parade takes place August 13, 2017 in New York City.

Ethnic New York: Korean-American Spirit

The Korean Parade and Festival took place October 1 in 2016. This year’s date is not yet publicized.

Ethnic New York: Desi – South Asians in New York

Look out for the 145th annual South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) in late 2017.

Ethnic New York: Harmony & Spirit: Chinese-Americans

The local organization Better Chinatown USA is promoting the first Chinese-American Cultural Day Parade in New York City, scheduled for July 23, 2017. The Manhattan route is from Broadway and 28th St to West 4th Street at Washington Square Park.