Volunteers at THIRTEEN

April 27, 2017
Volunteers at Thirteen

Front row, L-R: Yvonne Sokolow, Sherrill Akyol, Sonja Wheatley, Terry Hickerson. Back row, L-R: Sheila Isikow, Marilyn Marino, Reginald Brown, Deirdre MacGuire, Doris Hirsch. Top: Gloria Deucher, Director, Volunteer Resources, Community Relations, Thirteen/The WNET Group.

Thirteen/The WNET Group recognizes and celebrates the individuals who offer hands-on, day-to-day support to departments throughout the station during National Volunteer Week, April 23-29, 2017. Volunteers donated more than 6,000 hours during the last calendar year to Thirteen/The WNET Group.

In addition to those we see and interact with in the offices, there are many others who volunteer on The WNET Group’s behalf. The Community Advisory Board provides an important link to our constituents in the tri-state viewing area. The Friends of Thirteen are strong advocates for the station both in the community and in Washington DC. They help organize Capitol Hill Day, when station representatives meet one-on-one with their local legislators to promote the work of public television and the importance of sustained Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) funding.

What Do Volunteers at THIRTEEN Do?

There are many diverse ways to contribute one’s skills as at THIRTEEN. Three volunteers have found the experience so rewarding that they are each celebrating their 40th year of service to THIRTEEN: Rita Kessler created the station tour program and leads it to this day; Deirdre MacGuire has poured her energies into educational outreach, enriching the lives of students and teachers; Shirley Larowitz assembled the team of volunteers who respond to calls and emails.

Terry Hickerson and Reginald Brown work in Member & Viewer Services, answering phones calls and emails from THIRTEEN members and the public.
Doris Hirsch manages the Patron Video Library.
Sonja Wheatley helps the Education Department, which develops curriculum and materials for teachers, partners with organizations in New York City, creates videos for parents, and more.
Marilyn Marino updates our membership database.
Sherrill Akyol’s many contributions include special-occasion planning, like handwriting place cards for an upcoming Patron luncheon.
Sheila Isikow, Marilyn Marino and Yvonne Sokolow work on various projects in the Volunteer Center. This week they were mailing out program guides for May.

Winter's Eve at Lincoln Center 2016

Volunteer tour guides Liz Kaufman and Rita Kessler at the Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center at the 2016 Winters Eve at Lincoln Center event.