This Day Camp Travels!

Christina Knight | August 3, 2020

Camp TV is a virtual day camp for kids who can take part via television broadcasts or live-streams Monday through Friday. While real camps are mostly cancelled this summer, so is the option of travel for many families. Camp TV is grateful to the 10 PBS stations across the country who share wonderful local attractions and people with our young audience. In this way, kids can discover fun activities in other parts of the country, from Central New York to as far as Salt Lake City, Utah. Instead of a road trip, tune in to this day camp that travels so kids can get a taste of other parts of the country.

Central New York

We get to bug out at Baltimore Woods Nature Center, via Camp TV.

On “My Favorite Season Day” (Friday, August 7), we are going to the Baltimore Woods Nature Center, and nope, it’s not in Maryland! This nature center is in Central New York’s Onondaga County, in Marcellus, NY, a short drive north from Otisco Lake, the easternmost of New York’s 11 Finger Lakes. Campers team up with Tom Meier, a naturalist with Baltimore Woods Nature Center, to go night buggin’! Tom gets up close and personal with bugs active at night and explains how neat these little creatures are, sharing facts about their characteristics and survival techniques.

This segment is brought by WCNY in Syracuse, NY. Learn more about WCNY’s local partners for Camp TV and the Baltimore Woods Nature Center.


WTTW in Chicago, IL, partners with the Chicago Park District this summer to bring learning experiences home with online events. On “My Favorite Character Day” (Tuesday, August 4), kids will learn summer-theme phrases in American Sign Language. Then on “My Favorite Color Day” (Wednesday, August 5), kids can get creative with mud art.

Rhode Island

RI PBS provides a lesson about sloths.

Campers will hear something funny on “Musical Instrument Day” (Monday, August 3): “Be Like a Sloth!” Campers can follow by example when they visit a sloth family – Wesley and Fiona and their new baby sloth, Beany, at the Roger Williams Park Zoo, in Providence, Rhode Island. Zookeeper Jen explains the daily life of the sloth family at the zoo and invites campers to experience Beany’s birth earlier this year. Jen encourages campers to “be like a sloth” by highlighting many of the many healthy lifestyle attributes of sloth-life.

Meet more cute animals from the zoo – like the armadillos Sheldon and Harvey – in short “Paws for a Minute” videos on PBS LearningMedia, made for grades PreK-2. See more resources for families from the Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Save the Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium in Newport.

What’s a food web? Find out on “My Favorite Season Day” (Friday, August 7). At Save the Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium in Newport, RI, environmental educator Jeannine dives in the complexities of marine life food chains and food webs, while challenging students to identify food webs in their own environments and how subtle changes to systems can affect the food supply for an entire ecosystem. See more online summer activities with Save the Bay.

The visits to Roger Williams Park Zoo and Save the Bay are brought to campers by RI PBS.


Percussionists and music director Aram Demirjian from the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra get the beat going on Camp TV.

East Tennessee PBS and Knoxville Symphony Orchestra team up to bring the beat to “My Favorite Season Day” (Friday, August 7). On the segment “Percussion Trio,” learn about rhythm, sound volume and more. The orchestra’s music director Aram Demirjian has created and conducted education and family concerts for orchestras across the country that reach over 50,000 young people annually.


Dinosaur George from Texas.

During “My Favorite Color Day” (Wednesday, August 5), campers will get a giant surprise from Texas. Dinosaur George – a self-taught paleontologist and animal behaviorist – shows campers a T-Rex’s giant tooth, shares examples of dinosaur bones, and discusses similar features among Tyrannosaurus Rex, Eoraptor, Saurophaganax, and more. Dinosaur George is a traveling museum sponsored by San Antonio PBS affiliate KLRN in Texas.

Learn about rockets with the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology.

Things get technical with the segment Let’s Rocket! on “My Favorite Season Day” (Friday, August 7). Mark Brooks, Lead STEM Educator at San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology, will teach kids how to build a paper rocket. Kids will explore nonstandard measurement and learn handy methods for estimating angles using their arms. Then they’ll discover how launching the rocket from different angles produces different results. Learn more about what San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology can offer families online.


KUEN in Utah visits a hedgehog at the Hogle Zoo.

KUEN in Utah pairs up with the Hogle Zoo to bring a cool interactive home safari to campers during “My Favorite Season Day” (Friday, August 7). In the Animal Adaptations segment, kids take a look at different animal parts to discover how animals have adapted to thrive in their unique environments. We’e always wondered why the hedgehog has such funny hair.

Learn more about the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City.

These segments were made possible in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Additional segments will appear in local versions of Camp TV on the following public television stations: Detroit PBS (Detroit MI); East Tennessee PBS (Mooresburg, TN); KLRN (San Antonio, TX); KUEN (Salt Lake City, UT); Rhode Island PBS (Providence, RI); TPT (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN); WCNY (Syracuse, NY); WHYY (Philadelphia, PA); WPBS (Watertown, NY); WTTW (Chicago, IL). Check your local PBS listings for broadcast time in your area.

Camp TV airs at 10am on WLIW21; 11 a.m. on THIRTEEN; and 12 p.m. on NJTV; see the schedule for these WNET Group stations, here.