The Center for Anti-Violence Education’s Luminary Award

September 11, 2020

WNET Youth Collective Summit BEYOND THE VOTE: Gen Z and Civic Engagement. March 5, 2020.

On September 15 The WNET Group will accept the Luminary Award from The Center for Anti-Violence Education at their annual Homecoming Gala. The center, based in Brooklyn, NY, works as a catalyst for change in the lives of women, LGBQ+ people, transgender and gender non-conforming folks, youth, and other communities especially affected by violence.

The WNET Group is honored to accept CAE’s Luminary Award. Both organizations understand that empathy is an essential part of preventing violence. The WNET Group’s mission is to create media with impact through its PBS programming, education resources, and community events.

One way to have a positive impact on people’s lives is to  give a platform to people from diverse backgrounds and experiences so that we can better understand and care for each other.

Since 2017, WNET’s Community Engagement team has hosted listening sessions for our producers to hear from artists, activists and nonprofit leaders working across sectors and within all five boroughs. Through these community conversations, we have identified the issues that most affect New Yorkers, including increasing harassment and violence driven by religious and ethnic discrimination. In the coming months, we will continue to hold these conversations so that they can inform our local programming as we highlight potential solutions.

In 2019, WNET turned to young thought leaders when we created Youth Collective to provide a platform for young people to engage in the important work of building a more ethical world, including an end to bullying and bias. This year’s summit meeting took place on March 5.

We encourage all New York City area residents to share their personal stories with PBS American Portrait, an online and broadcast project which aims to show what it means to be living in America right now, with all its wonderful diversity.

Join The Homecoming Ceremony

The WNET Group will accept the award on September 15 at 7 p.m. To learn more about the awards and attending the event virtually, visit the CAE Homecoming website.

Since 1974, The Center for Anti-Violence Education (CAE) has been working to prevent, disrupt and help communities heal from violence. Today, CAE works with over 3,000 New Yorkers annually to prevent sexual, gender and hate-based violence. Since the pandemic, requests for their programs have tripled. They have launched a digital series of online interactive workshops – engaging thousands of people in NYC, across the country, and as far as Germany and Italy. The focus has been Upstander workshops to address the rise of Xenophobia since the pandemic hit and the current national reckoning with anti-Black racism.