Meet the WNET PBS Digital Innovators: Local Teachers

December 22, 2020

WNET PBS Digital Innovators meeting.

The WNET Group provides lifelong learning for all ages through its stations’ programming, and its WNET Kids’ Media and Education group works closely with professional educators who teach children in the classroom – and remotely, too. We are pleased to welcome 14 outstanding teachers from the tri-state region – recognized as leaders in their communities – to the PBS Digital Innovator Program.

These educators have fresh ideas that open new worlds for their students; a bold approach to teaching that creates joyful learning environments; and, their commitment to social justice pushes the field of education to become more equitable.

The WNET PBS Digital Innovators Program brings together a community of PreK – 12 educators for ongoing professional development and growth. The two-year program, a local chapter of the national PBS Digital Innovator initiative, provides opportunities for participants to share strategies, learn from peers, and leverage public media platforms to elevate their own ideas and voices.

WNET PBS Digital Innovators

• Clemencia Acevedo, Middle School Special Education, Manhattan, NY
• Islah Tauheed, 5th Grade, Bronx, NY
• Darnell Williams, Middle School Social Studies and ELA, Stafford, NJ (NJTV Learning Live teacher)
• Jamie Cacciola-Price, High School Drama/Musical Theatre, Queens, NY
• Jean Kim, Middle School ELA, Queens, NY
• Kimberly Dickstein Hughes, High School ELA, Haddonfield, NJ (host of NJTV Learning Live in 2020)
• Jennifer Abramowski, High School Social Studies Special Education, Baldwin, NY
• Lynn Shon, Middle School Science, Brooklyn, NY
• Sarah Richard, High School ELA, Manhattan, NY
• Noelle Mapes, 3rd Grade, Manhattan, NY
• Scott Jackson, High School U.S. History and ESL, Brooklyn, NY
• Selena Carrion, 5th Grade ELA, Bronx, NY
• Sequoyah Wharton, High School Media, Broadcast and Art, Brentwood, NY
• Michelle Nguyen, Middle School Social Studies, Bronx, NY

WNET PBS Digital Innovators integrate media and digital technology into their learning environments, inspiring students to use media and emerging technologies in responsible, empowering and effective ways. Through this program, these innovative educators will meet with public media producers, filmmakers, journalists and educational content creators; collaborate with The WNET Group’s Kids’ Media & Education team to plan events, develop content for educators and consult on projects; serve as WNET and PBS ambassadors, sharing their work and knowledge with other educators; and connect with fellow Digital Innovators to engage in conversations about educational media and equity.

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