Spanish-Language Series and Films to Stream

Christina Knight | January 5, 2023
A woman with long brown hair looks with surprise at a man in suit, tie and vest as they walk alongside each other in street.

Love, Inevitably is a Spanish-language TV drama that takes place in Seville, Rome and Prague.

Updated May 17

The world of drama and documentary keeps getting bigger on THIRTEEN, which is especially good news for our Spanish speakers and learners! Thanks to the Walter Presents offerings from our PBS network, we stream dramatic series and major documentaries in Spanish.

THIRTEEN’s Spanish TV series with English subtitles can also be watched with Spanish captioning, and acclaimed PBS documentary films increasingly have versions with Spanish narration and voiceover. Our Spanish-language dramas span epics to romance to mystery and are mostly from Spain. Entire season binge releases are part of the PBS international dramas that have premiered since November 2022.

All of these can be streamed anywhere by PBS station donors with the member benefit  THIRTEEN Passport. For your donation starting at $5 a month, you’ll have the benefit of extended, ad-free streaming of every kind of film and program, and you’ll be part of a community that supports public television and educational programming for the New York City tri-state area.

In the area that THIRTEEN serves, more than 30% of people have roots in the diverse Spanish-speaking world, and many speak Spanish in their home, neighborhood or workplace. Our programs are also an entertaining way for Spanish speakers to learn English by viewing the subtitles, or for those learning Spanish, to hear the language spoken in many contexts, with the benefit of those English subtitles and Spanish-language captions.

Dramas and documentaries, and videos for families and children in Spanish, which are always available to everyone are detailed, below.

Spanish-Language Dramas

La Otra Mirada

Five young women wear identical coral and white pinafore dresses with flowers in their dark hair.

Scene from Season 1, Episode 12 of La Otra Mirada.

Boarding schools are always fraught settings, aren’t they? In 1920s Seville, Teresa, a woman with a mysterious past, flees to a girls’ academy with a secret goal related to the academy itself. The Spanish series portrays the journey of brave women finding their own voice.

Stream two seasons of La Otra Mirada. THIRTEEN began broadcasting La Otra Mirada Season 2 on Sundays at 11 p.m. in May 2023.

Love, Inevitably (Lejos de ti)

A woman and man sit at a distance from one another on a bench. Behind the woman is an illustrated skyline of Seville. Behind the man is an illustrated skyline of Rome.
This is the story of Candela and Massimo. She’s a flamenco dancer from Seville, and he’s an entrepreneur from Rome and they are complete opposites who are magically drawn to one another. Their sudden love, depicted in reality and in paranormal events, make for a bright and energetic series that unfolds in Rome, Seville and Prague. From Walter Presents, in Spanish with English subtitles.

Binge Love, Inevitably; 8 episodes; expires 5/31/24. Love, Inevitably receives its broadcast premiere on THIRTEEN on Saturday, June 17 at 8 p.m.; livestream at

Presumed Guilty (Presunto culpable)

Presumed Guilty is a moody mystery. The sudden death of his father leads Jon Aristegui to return to his hometown fishing village in Spain’s Basque country, where he must confront the ghosts of his past and an unsolved mystery surrounding a girlfriend who disappeared. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Binge Presumed Guilty; 13 episodes. Expires 12/31/23

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Under Suspicion. Seasons 1 & 2 (Bajo sospecha)

Two men in foreground: a man with receding hairline in suit and tie, and a young man with long dark hair and goatee in t-shirt. In background is a person in scrubs at operating room table.
Under Suspicion follows one major case in each season. In Season 1, undercover agents are assigned to investigate the disappearance of young Alicia Vega. The police face dark and puzzling case full of family secrets, intrigue and obsession. In Season 2, the team infiltrates a hospital to investigate disappearances. Can you trust your doctor? In Spanish with English subtitles. English and Spanish caption available.

Binge Under Suspiciaon; two seasons, 18 episodes. Expires 12/31/23

What the Future Holds, Season 1 (El día de mañana)

A woman lies next to a man on the beach. They kiss and she holds his face in one hand. They wear shirts from the 1960s.
This epic unfolds in Barcelona in the late 1960s, when the city and Catalan region is under the harsh oppression of Franco’s dictatorship. Justo Gil leaves his impoverished life in the countryside for Barcelona, where he plans to earn money to save his severely ill mother, whom he brings with him. His gift of gab and plucky optimism opens doors to him and he’ll also set his sights on winning the heart of Carme. He becomes an involuntary hero of the anti-Franco youth and begins his double life as an informant. He rises into the ranks of Barcelona’s dolce vita, but one mistake may cost him everything. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Binge What the Future Holds. Six episodes. Expires 11/30/23

The Time in Between, Season 1 (El Tiemp Entre Costuras)

This acclaimed series follows the life of a young seamstress. In the months leading up to the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), Sira abandons Madrid in order to follow the man she loves to Tangier. But things there do not turn out as she had planned, and she is forced to take charge of her life. Sira struggles to balance her double life as both a prominent couturier and an Allied spy. In Spanish with English subtitles. Premieres Thursday, January 19. Expires 9/30/24

Binge 17 one-hour episodes of The Time in Between, starting January 19.

Spanish-Language Documentary Films

Documentaries to watch in Spanish include the 10-episode epic The Vietnam War, by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, and their film with Sara Botstein, The U.S. and the Holocaust. The film Azúcar En Aumento–La Epidemia Oculta de Diabetes en los E.U./ Blood Sugar Rising is by Brooklyn-based filmmaker David Alvarado.

Azúcar En Aumento–La Epidemia Oculta de Diabetes en los E.U. (Blood Sugar Rising)

Azúcar en Aumento es un especial de PBS sobre la epidemia de diabetes en los Estados Unidos. La diabetes y prediabetes afecta a más de 100 millones de personas en E.U.A. y conlleva un costo anual de más de 325 mil millones de dólares. Se proyecta que uno de cada tres niños nacidos desde el año 2000, desarrollarán la enfermedad en algun momento de su vida. Ver ahora.

Independent Lens: The Children of Las Brisas

This documentary from acclaimed series Independent Lens premiered on January 2, 2023. In Venezuela, amidst a backdrop of poverty, murder, and corruption, the El Sistema (The System) youth orchestra offers children hope and the opportunity to pursue a life of art in spite of the harshness of the society around them. El Sistema is the program that led acclaimed Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Gustavo Dudamel to his calling, first by teaching him violin. In recent years, Venezuela’s spiraling collapse and political repression threatens its young musicians’ dreams of a better life. Stream now through April 2, 2024.

The U.S. and the Holocaust

stylized illustration of U.S. flag and arms reaching towards its stars. The text says The U.S. and the Holocaust and has film and broadcast details.Luego de décadas de fronteras abiertas, y debido a la xenofobia, el Congreso pasa sus primeras leyes restringiendo la inmigración. En Alemania, Hitler y los Nazis comienzan la persecución de judíos causando que muchos traten de huir a países vecinos o a América. El presidente Franklin Roosevelt y otros líderes mundiales no pueden coordinar una respuesta a la crisis de refugiados.

The Vietnam War

The ten-episode film The Vietnam War is available with Spanish narration, translation and captions. Ken Burns and Lynn Novick tell the epic story of the Vietnam War as it has never-before been told on film. The Vietnam War features testimony from nearly 100 witnesses, including many Americans who fought in the war and others who opposed it, as well as Vietnamese combatants and civilians from both the winning and losing sides.

Programs for Families and Children

In addition to the programs and learning resources in Spanish listed below, you can stream THIRTEEN’s Let’s Learn series, which helps children ages 3-8 with at-home learning. These one-hour programs with Spanish captions feature instruction by educators and virtual field trips.

Alma’s Way

A brown-skinned girl stands at New York City intersection. There is a grocery store across the street, cars driving and and elevated train track and high-rise buildings in background.

Alma’s Way is a Fred Rogers Production for PBS.

Every day but Saturday, THIRTEEN airs and livestreams the animated Alma’s Way at 8:30 a.m. (see complete schedule). Alma’s Way by Sonia Manzano (Maria from Sesame Street) is set in The Bronx. Alma Rivera  a six-year-old Puerto Rican girl who lives with her parents, Mami and Papi; younger brother, Junior; her Abuelo; and their dog, Chacho. You can stream Alma’s Way episodes on-demand on PBS Kids in English or Spanish.

Parenting Minutes: Short Videos

A woman and boy sit at out door table. Woman holds a mobile phone up in front of them both.

Image from Parenting Minute, Verificación de preparación.

Los Parenting Minutes de WNET son unos videos cortos enfocados en temas clave relacionados con el aprendizaje en la primera infancia y con la crianza de niños. Cada página de videos contiene consejos y datos para compartir, además de enlaces a más recursos e información GRATIS.

THIRTEEN is part of The WNET Group, which includes The WNET Kids Media & Education department that produces content for kids, youth, teachers and parents. WNET’s Parenting Minutes are short videos that focus on key topics related to early childhood learning and raising children. Each video page contains shareable tips and facts, as well as links to more FREE resources and information. They are all available in Spanish. Some are dubbed, others, like Family Reading Adventures, features a Spanish-speaking parent.

Recursos De PBS En Español Para Familias

A woman stands near seated boy. They both look at the laptop in front of him.
A medida que las familias se enfrentan a los desafíos del cierre de las escuelas, la Red Mundial de Educación ha creado una colección especial de recursos disponibles en español, organizados por grado y área temática. Encontrarás videos, planes de clase y actividades que apoyan el aprendizaje en casa para niños en los grados de prekínder a 12. Lee mas.

Oh Noah, Animated PBS Kids Series

Cartoon of kids forming a pyramid while waterskiing, wearing life jacketsOh Noah! is an animated PBS Kids series with short videos and games designed to teach kids Spanish. Some characters are native Spanish speakers, and others are learning. In Noah’s grandmother’s neighborhood, no one speaks English. Noah is trying to learn Spanish, but misunderstandings often get him into a mess. Fortunately, he always manages to get himself out of trouble, often with the assistance of his pet mouse, Pequeño. Visit the PBS Kids Oh Noah! site and select animated videos that range from two to 10 minutes. Oh Noah! is produced by The WNET Kids Media & Education team.