Poldark Marathon Schedule on Labor Day

September 1, 2017

Updated from August 1

Poldark, the popular Masterpiece series starring Aidan Turner as courageous Cornishman Ross Poldark, returns for a third season on October 1. To help you catch up on past episodes, THIRTEEN is airing all nine episodes of Season Two on Labor Day, Monday, September 4 (Season One Marathon took place August 6 and 13). Make a date with the dashing warrior, lover, and mining entrepreneur The New York Times calls “the noblest, hottest, most down-to-earth hero.” THIRTEEN members who have activated THIRTEEN Passport can watch all of Poldark Seasons One and Two at their leisure, both here and using the free THIRTEEN Explore app on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and mobile devices.

Masterpiece: Poldark – Season Two, Parts 1-9

Sunday, September, 4 9am–5pm; 8-10pm

Season Two begins with Demelza giving Ross Poldark a teary send-off to Bodmin Jail. Will he keep his promise to return home?

THIRTEEN airs its Season 2 marathon in two parts, giving you a break between 6pm and 8pm! Super fans can worry and giggle along with our British Telly Dish blogger Deborah Gilbert — her recaps of each Season Two episode can be found here.

Masterpiece: Poldark -Season One

Preview Part 1:

In which the young hero returns home to Cornwall after fighting for the British in the American Revolutionary War and…

– discovers everyone thought he was dead, including his sweetheart, who is now engaged to someone else
– seeks to build a tin mining business
– faces another kind of battle with local gentry
– starts falling in love with his maid

Masterpiece: Poldark – Season One, Parts 5-7

Sunday, August 13, 7:30-10:30pm

Preview Part 6:

In which our hero in Cornwall…

– starts a family as his miners riot
– must figure out a mysterious company threatening his business
– is blamed for everything as events spiral out of control and he’s arrested for murder

Our British Telly Dish blogger Deborah Gilbert gives a more thorough and juicier recap of Poladark: Season One here.

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