Downton Abbey Dish #4

Deborah Gilbert | October 6, 2012

As the temperatures in the Baked Apple near 100 degrees and my air conditioner is broken, I ponder how the residents of Downton Abbey might have handled this heat. They didn’t have air conditioners. (Imagine what the Dowager would have …

Downton Abbey Dish #3

Deborah Gilbert | October 6, 2012

We have all watched those sumptuous dinner scenes in Downton Abbey, but how many of you have wondered what it would be like to step through the looking glass and join them at the dinner table? And which character specifically …

Downton Abbey Dish #2

Brian Santalone | October 6, 2012

How are you Downtonians enjoying the rerun of Season Two of Downton Abbey? It’s a great way to start the season, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter that I’ve already seen it and I know what’s going to happen. I still …

Downton Abbey Dish #1

Deborah Gilbert | October 5, 2012

It’s been a couple of months since Matthew finally popped the question to Lady Mary and the television screen, and our world as we knew it, went dark – so I thought it was time to check back in with all you Downtonians out …

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