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Latinx Arts and Culture

June 28, 2021
A man in suit with a flute, a woman in satiny beige suit, and man in a suit stand in a room together slightly distanced from one another and smile.

Latin music documentaries, the artists and cuisine of Mexico and short Latinx films, from gritty reality to magical realism. All in July.

Roadkill: What the Critics Say

Christina Knight | June 15, 2021
Roadkill: What the Critics Say

A “superbly understated performance,” by Hugh Laurie and a reminder of “enduring truths,” are among critics’ praises of the Masterpiece series.

Day Camp on Television

June 14, 2021
A man with short dark hair sits on floor between round coffee table and couch. He holds a white sign that says name Zach, made from brightly colored pipe cleaner craft materials.

The second season of Camp TV, a weekday show for kids ages 5-10, starts July 6 on THIRTEN. Leading cultural groups and host Zachary Noah Piser appear in each episode.

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