The Musketeers: Saturdays on THIRTEEN

February 11, 2022

The Musketeers airs and livestreams Saturdays at 7 p.m. on THIRTEEN, premiering February 12. Season one has 10 episodes.

In 17th century Paris, law and order is more a fledgling idea than reality, and the royal bodyguards for King Louis XIII – Musketeers Athos (Tom Burke, The Crown), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera, Big Little Lies) and Porthos (Howard Charles, Whitstable Pearl) – are inseparable, loyal unto death and committed to upholding justice. Together, these soldiers fight for honor, for valor, for love, and just for the pure thrill of it.

Men in 17th century leather armor pose for photo

The Musketeers

In a series all about passion, loyalty, heroism and brotherhood, d’Artagnan and the Musketeers struggle to maintain order and protect the King and Queen, while outwitting the machinations of the shadowy Cardinal Richelieu as he ruthlessly strives to achieve his vision of a modern France along with his hired assassin, the mysterious Milady de Winter.

Witty, action-packed episodic stories combine with breathtaking adventure to create a cinematic, blockbuster drama series. Don’t miss this broadcast – the series will not stream!

How Does the Adventure Begin?

In Episode 1, the brightest and best Musketeers of the King’s Regiment are dispatched by Captain Treville to find a missing Musketeer carrying important letters on behalf of King Louis. But Cardinal Richelieu has plans to increase his political power and seeks to sabotage the good reputation of the Musketeers. Will the Cardinal, with the help of the beautiful and dangerous Milady, triumph or can the Musketeers protect King and country?

The BBC series premiered in 2014.

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