Land Girls Streams on PBS

Christina Knight | November 19, 2021

Land Girls premieres Saturday, November 27, 2021 as a stream-only series for members with THIRTEEN Passport.

New to PBS, the BBC series Land Girls is set at the Hoxley Estate during World War II, where we follow four members who roll up their sleeves for Great Britain’s Women’s Land Army, which formed in during World War I to engage women as an agriculture work. Land Girls is to the UK as Rosie the Riveter is to the US – but Land Girls worked in land reclamation and on farms rather than in factories. As men fought on the battlefields, women from all walks of life in the UK worked the farms that fed the nation, doing their part to keep the home front running.

In Season 1, Joyce, Nancy, Annie and Bea join the Land Army officially to help Britain’s war effort, but privately each has her own reasons for doing so. Patriotic Joyce wants to “do her bit,” argumentative Nancy would rather not be there, and sensible Annie joined so that her younger sister Bea could escape an abusive father. Land Girls originally aired in the UK from 2009 to 2011 and all seasons can be watched on-demand on web or PBS and THIRTEEN Explore apps.

Willow and Thatch, which reviews period dramas, notes that in addition to “complex and sometimes painful personal narratives,” the series looks at how to preserve normalcy under tough circumstances (Zoom family reunions, anyone?), and teases plotlines that include Germans on the loose, murder, Americans commandeering the manor, and a farmer trying to profit from homemade carrot whiskey.

See archival photos and learn more about the Women’s Land Army on the Imperial War Museums site.

You’ll find more World War II period drama in the series Resistance (set in France), World on Fire (starring Helen Hunt), Line of Separation (the end of WWII in Germany)