January 6th Committee: The Final Report, Live Broadcast

December 18, 2022

Tune-in to THIRTEEN, livestream at THIRTEEN.org/live or watch PBS NewsHour YouTube stream, above, on Monday, December 19 at 1pm ET.

Judy Woodruff will anchor the PBS NewsHour live coverage of the public hearings held by the “Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol,” with contributions from NewsHour correspondents and expert analysis from guests. The January 6th Committee: The Final Report coverage by PBS NewsHour will extend online at pbs.org/newshour and on NewsHour’s social media channels.

Ahead of the meeting, digital anchor Nicole Ellis will host a conversation with correspondent Lisa Desjardins, looking back at the committee’s findings.

At the end of its planned public meeting on Dec. 19, the committee will not only vote to approve its final report, but also on whether or not to make criminal referrals to the Justice Department as part of its probe. When it comes to holding anyone criminally responsible, the panel has not disclosed whom it might recommend for consideration. The panel’s full report will be released the same day as the meeting.

The panel’s referrals are largely symbolic. Congress is able to send criminal referrals to the DOJ, but the decision to ultimately pursue charges rests with federal prosecutors. – Lisa Desjardins, PBS NewsHour

Read more on the PBS NewsHour site from correspondent Lisa Desjardins, who covers news from the U.S. Capitol.

A Look Ahead to the Final Hearing

After nearly 18 months of investigations, the House committee on the Jan. 6 attack is set to hold its final public meeting Monday. The panel is expected to take the unprecedented step of making criminal referrals, urging the DOJ to prosecute former president Donald Trump on multiple charges. Lisa Desjardins looks back at what we’ve learned so far and what the committee’s final report may reveal.

PBS NewsHour’s January 6th insurrection reporting won a Peabody Award.

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