International Medical Dramas: People Who Care

Christina Knight | April 27, 2023

Interns is an ensemble drama set in a French hospital.

Sometimes we crave the comfort of characters who truly care, so why not curl up with a medical drama?  See synopses, below, on international series centered on a single mom and nurse in Italy; interns at a French hospital under quarantine; a researcher pursuing a cure in 19th-century Berlin; and more heroes and heroines from the world of medicine abroad and across decades.

Many of the foreign dramas curated for PBS by Walter Presents are period pieces or revolve around solving who committed a form of violence against a person. Today, we call out the medical dramas in which doctors, nurses, researchers, interns and psychiatrists dedicate themselves to serving the living, and might also fall in love at times. All Walter Presents series can be streamed with THIRTEEN Passport, a benefit for those who support public media as a station member.

See all of the international period dramas, mysteries, epics, thrillers and detective procedurals under the Walter Presents umbrella. There are more than 95 series, many with multiple seasons. Watch them in good health!

All Heart

Dreams, ambitions and love inhabit the heart surgery department of the Le Molinette hospital in Turin, at the end of the 1960s. The head physician Cesare Corvara creates a team capable of carrying out the first heart transplant in history. In Italian with English subtitles.

Binge Season 1 of All Heart through November 30, 2026.

Charité, 2 Seasons

A bearded man in suit observes a hypodermic needle in a room of people in a hospital setting

Scene from Charite, Season 1, Episode 4: Miracle Cure.

Step into the halls and decades of research at the prestigious Berlin hospital, Charité, which still serves patients today in Germany’s capital. Home to many of history’s great medical pioneers, the fictionalized lives of doctors, nurses and patients become intertwined in this charming, award-winning historical medical drama. Doctors fight tuberculosis and dyptheria in Season 1, which introduces the Nobel Prize-winning bacteriologist and doctor Robert Koch, who along with Louis Pasteur, is considered a founder of microbiology (learn more from the Robert Koch Institute site). But the respected 19th century scientist sees his standing rise and fall.

Season 2 leaps to the World War II era with episodes focusing on childbirth complications, disability and vaccination testing. Bomb raids and the Nazi regime will stretch the Charité to its limit. How can the doctors and nurses improve the lives of patients when the world is collapsing around them? In German with English subtitles.

Bingewatch two seasons of Charité. Season 1 expires July 31, 2025; Season 2 expires December 31, 2025.

The Good Apprentice

Scene from The Good Apprentice, Episode 2, Heart on Hold Part 2.

In Rome, Alice is a medical student who falls in love with forensic medicine. Can she manage her private life at the same time she’s struggling to be a great medical examiner? In Italian with English subtitles.

Binge The Good Apprentice through December 31, 2025.

Interns, Season 1

Due to some drastic preventative health measures, the doctors in charge of the hospital’s intern department find themselves quarantined. This ensemble hospital drama was written well ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic, premiering on French television in 2018. Three inexperienced interns and a medical examiner dive into their heavy responsibilities in the absence of their supervisors, unaware that this temporary quarantine is about to be extended indefinitely. Kelly Luchtman of warns that the show is “not for the squeamish,” but says there’s lighthearted banter in the break rooms and gives it a 90% satisfaction rating. In French with English subtitles.

Binge Interns through December 31, 2024.

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Nina, 2 Seasons

Trainee nurse and single mother Nina must overcome plenty of obstacles in her private life, and at the hospital, being ex-wife of her own boss will pile on the complications. By Season 2, Nina is a registered nurse, facing a variety of difficult cases as big changes come to the underfunded hospital. Her personal life continues to weave into the medical drama’s storylines. In French with English subtitles.

Binge Nina through November 30, 2024 (Season 1) and December 30, 2024 (Season 2).

Pulled Apart

This is the rare 90-minute film within the Walter Presents collection of foreign dramas. A baby, only a few months old, is hospitalized. The doctors immediately suspect the parents of child abuse and refuse to listen to anything the parents offer as an explanation. It’s an incredibly moving story of how human lives can be blown to bits by insidious rumors and blind justice. In French with English subtitles.

Watch Pulled Apart through November 30, 2024.

Remember (Souviens Toi)

Collage showing a woman and man and a young girl. Background is grey cloudy sky and bare branches.Recovery from psychological trauma is key to solving a criminal mystery in this French drama. A couple and their baby are found savagely murdered in their living room, but their seven-year-old daughter is miraculously unhurt. The traumatized girl has lost her memory and won’t speak, so the police bring in a psychiatrist to rekindle her memory and to get the little girl talking. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.

Binge Remember through November 30, 2024.


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