H Is for Hawk on Nature

Elisa Lichtenbaum | October 27, 2017

After the unexpected death of her photojournalist father, British poet, historian, and naturalist Helen Macdonald overcame her grief by training Mabel, an adult goshawk — one of nature’s most notoriously wild and free-spirited birds of prey. A professional falconer with a lifelong obsession with birds, she found healing in this experience, which became the basis for her 2014 international best-selling memoir H Is for Hawk.

Now, 10 years after she trained Mabel — who died just before the author finished writing her book — Macdonald is ready to take on the challenge again, prompted by watching how a pair of wild goshawks reared their chicks in an English forest. Her remarkable story is the subject of H Is for Hawk: A New Chapter, premiering Wednesday, November 1 at 8pm on Nature.

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The first-person account follows Macdonald’s emotional and intimate journey as she adopts a young goshawk named Lupin and attempts to raise it as her own. It charts her progress: from watching goshawks during breeding season on monitors at the aviary where Lupin was born; taking the first steps to tame the hawk by gaining her trust; patiently waiting for the bird to come to her hand to retrieve food; and training Lupin to fly to her gloved hand across a field while still secured by a long line of braided cotton.

We see Macdonald climb a tree 50 feet high for a literal bird’s-eye view of the wild goshawk nest in the forest. “I never thought I’d see a goshawk nest at this level,” she says excitedly, peering through binoculars. “I feel like a bit of a spy.”

We also see Macdonald reflecting on her childhood obsession with birds, illustrated with home video and photographs, as she recalls her first falconry course at age 13 and working at a bird of prey center where she was given her first kestrel that slept in her bedroom bookcase at night.

She distinguishes between her solitary withdrawal from the world, depicted in H Is for Hawk, and her desire now to share her new training experience with others.

“Contact with animals is a good thing,” she said in a Washington Post interview. “They teach you what it is to be human.”

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